Average Friday

Started the day with breakfast with my hubby.  It is wonderful to be home and just have a morning with him.  We like to go to First Watch in Tulsa and we had the pleasure of having one of our favorite servers too.  He remembers what we like to drink and is very attentive.  One of our friends was “maybe” going to join us and as happens sometimes doesn’t show. Such was the case today, we missed seeing him, but one of these days he will stop standing us up, just wish it was sooner than later.  After breakfast we stopped by the River Spirit Casino.  Since we have been there before we wanted to see what they did on the new expansion area.  While there we decided to play a little.  Let’s just say, we came out ahead and that is the best way to leave any casino.

Everyday when I put on my jewelry I think about what I want to wear.  This morning I was thinking about Caley.  She may not remember or maybe I didn’t tell her, but I have these earrings that Will bought me when I had her.  For each of the kids, when they were born, Will bought me earrings, neckless and a ring with their birthstone.  I have an opal set for Caley and a pearl set for Nick.  Today I wore the opal heart earrings so I could have her close to me because sometimes that’s all it takes.

Opal’s for Caley

In the afternoon I showed houses.  We went through some investment homes and one was a no go and the other two they are still discussing so we will see.  Some areas of town are not the best but that’s why they are investment properties because you can make money on renting them out.

Came home and it was time for a grocery store trip so Will and I hopped in the car and we were off.  We picked up lunch stuff and a few other things, just a regular day.  Only difference is less people to feed.  After our little Wal-Mart run it was time to relax and hang out.

Nick went to the HS football game tonight and then went to stay with a friend.  This was good because he is not always one to stay with others or go to a lot of social school events.  He is getting out of his shell a little.  Love that boy and I’m glad he is getting out in the world a little more and hanging out with friends more.  I’m sure he will have fun with Cody and at the fair tomorrow.


Breakfast at Mt Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Started out with an amazing morning at Mount Rushmore.  Since Rapid City is not far from there, Keith picked me up early (6:30am) to head up that way.  It was a perfect day, not too cold, not to windy or hot.  Nice views on the way and slowed down a few times for the deer that were not at all concerned about cars on the road.  It was a spectacular view once we made it into the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  Learned something interesting.  Did you know that the eyeball for George Washington is 16 Feet Tall?  I’m 1/3 the size of the inside of the eye, wow!  It is so amazing to think people climbed up on the mountain and carved and chipped away to reveal 4 presidential faces.  We went to have breakfast and ended up eating not he patio because the main restaurant had the governor of SD coming for an event.  The “Buffalo Run” was going on around the time I was there.  I had no idea what that was before the trip, but soon learned that they herd the buffalo and vaccinate them and according to locals thousand’s of people come from all over to watch this event.  When I told Keith I wanted to visit Mount Rushmore I never expected him to take me up there for breakfast one morning before class!

Also got a text from Nick that today was Swift’s funeral.  Such a sad thing and Nick wanted to attend.  I called him out of school so he could attend the services since the rest of us could not with Caley in GA, I was in SD and Will at work.  He said that it was a nice service and he saw people from school that had graduated over the last few years.  I was a little disappointed I was out of town and unable to go just like I’m sure Caley was too.  #SwiftStrong

After a few quick selfies, pictures of the fabulous view and a visit to the gift shop we hit the road and headed to the office.  Made it just in time to start class.  The morning session went good and Keith attended that session as well.  As soon as that one was over I reviewed some things on the admin side for the next 2 hours.  We got a lot done but toward the end of our time, I got a call from Nick.  It makes me nervous some times when the kids “call”.  I know it shouldn’t, but I have had several calls like this and I can’t help but worry about my kids.  I just had one of the gut feelings on this one too.  He had been hit by a lady going to fast in the parking lot of the school.  I asked to talk with her and is readily admitted fault and promptly accepted responsibility.  She was also very short with me and told Nick she was “in a hurry”.  It wasn’t a lot of damage, but she crinkled the front side of his car pretty good.  The frustrating part is that we have it listed for sale.  I guess that will be another thing to deal with tomorrow.

Made it to the airport after a stop at Applebee’s for lunch.  I was a little nervous about getting to the gate on time, but I made it and just fine even with the pre-check line shut down.  That means I have to take out the computer and liquids, which I typically pack in the bottom.  Oh well, small airports do that sometimes.  Another flight to Minneapolis and thank goodness not another 10 hours in that airport!  Short layover and then plane home!!

When the plane landed I got a text from Keith that was really sweet.  I don’t think anyone has ever said such nice things to me after I have completed a training.  Learned on my adventure to find my car in the airport parking lot that they will actually give you a card that tells you where your car is and will take you to it in the shuttle.  Learn something new everyday!  Typically someone takes me to the airport and picks me up so I don’t have to leave a car there.  Don’t have an extra driver that can help out with Caley gone and my mom down from surgery still.  Happy to be back home!  Will got in trouble a little bit, because he left my furry babies (two boxers) outside for the last few days.  They normally stay in the house most of the time.  We recently put the crate in Caley’s room because they make noises and have a little gas at night sometimes.  Looking forward to breakfast with Will tomorrow and then I will be showing houses tomorrow and probably Saturday or Sunday too.  Need some sleep so I can function tomorrow, besides you know you have been up and going too long when you outlast your Apple Watch!

Snap Happy Day

I really like staying in Airbnb’s, most of the time that is. After a good nights sleep I woke up bright an early to go to breakfast with Keith, the owner of a real estate firm here in Rapid City, SD. This mornings class marked the 33 state for me to teach in and the class went well. We had a talkative one that finally settled down toward the end.

During a break Caley snapped me and then she sent me one that just made my day! To see her smiling face was wonderful! Nice surprise and of course I sent her one back!

Kiss from Caley
Lunch was fun with Heather, then back to the office for class. I don’t like starting late for class, but sometimes it happens with traffic. Of course their traffic is not what most people consider “traffic”. Afternoon class was a little rowdy and required some realing in. Over all good sessions and then Keith took me to a nice local steak place. We talked for an hour or so as we swapped real estate stories and the occasional political comment.

When I made it back to my Airbnb I visited with my host, Amber for a while. It is nice to learn she will be visiting Tulsa soon! I told her maybe I should host people on Airbnb at my house. She said she would be happy to come stay with us.  I told her about all kinds of things! She asked about my bracelet so I read her the story of Rustic Cuff and she is so excited, loved them, showed her the website and she is ready to order some!! Part of the RC story is about re-gifting and giving cuffs to other people. I just felt moved to give her one, so I did! Not one that was from the kids, but one I bought. Simple and sweet. I made a new friend who is also a photographer and she owns a boutique shop here in Rapid City.  So cool!

Finished off the evening talking to Will and texting the kids (all 3: Caley, Nick and Jacob). After all I’m in Jacob’s time zone, so I had to check in! Looking forward to the morning, but not the time I have to get up! Keith is taking me to Mount Rushmore for breakfast! Wow, that is so cool! I will have to post pictures. Off to bed because 5:45am is going to come really early!

Fast Friends

When I woke up this morning at 5:15am, I did not expect to be hanging out in the Minneapolis, MN airport for 10 hours. Nor did I expect to make friends or money, but I did all 3 of those. The flight on Delta from Tulsa to Minneapolis went fine, no issues. Had a 2 hour layover so I grabbed a bite to eat and found my gate. Pretty normal for a travel day. 

Before the flight to Rapid City, SD they asked if anyone would be willing to take a later flight. Well, I had nothing planned today and was going to be killing time so why not hang out in the airport and “volunteer” to stay a bit and make money in the process?  They gave me $400 to stay and one other person, Sarah, volunteered to stay a while as well. We both got the incentive and soon learned that the flights to Rapid City were almost all full but the last one. Also met Lisa at the gate. Started chatting and found out she was going standby. She had also slept in the airport the night before because she had weather issues with her plane. Sarah had also been here since yesterday but she stayed in a hotel and her reason was mechanical issues of her previous flight.  

So here we are, a young single woman, a mom with a kid in HS & College, and a widowed nurse grandmother. Not a typical group of friends but we bonded at the gate and soon became friends. Started out with lunch together then walking around and going to the next flight at 2:30pm or so. Lisa and Sarah both “volunteered” again to stay for the last flight out. They both received $500. That is $400 for me, $500 for Lisa and $900 for Sarah! 

Our 3 musketeers group had another 7 hours to wait to make it to our final destination. We walked from one end of the airport to the other (gates C to F16). We shared stories, ate at Chick-fil-a, visited a divine chocolate store and 2 of us played Pok├ęmon Go. It’s much more interesting when you have someone to talk with. 

By the time we boarded the plane, Lisa was in the airport 22 hours, Sarah + 3 others for 12 hours and me for 10 hours. It was like a small group of fast friends all based on a common end with different origins. You never know the people you will meet, the friends you will make or the paths you will go on. I know Caley has also made new friends and gone to new places, that’s what life is all about!! So unplug the head phones, smile at a stranger and strike up a conversation to live life to the fullest!

Fast Friends

My Artist Girl

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie and known the story line was a little sad and you don’t expect to turn into a blubber baby? So that happened today. It was a pretty good movie, and didn’t anticipate it hitting me like it did. The name was “We are Marshall” or “Marshall”, not sure which and the basic story line was a plane crashes with 78 people including almost all of the football team, coaches and fans of a college. It goes on to show how they rebuild and the town and people heal after such a tragic accident. It got me to think about losing a child or a parent. So sad!! I will say however, I’m an absolute baby when it comes to tear jerkers. Yes, I have been known to cry at commercials. It also blows my mind to think that some day my daughter will be helping make movies and special effects, hopefully not a lot of sad ones. 

I texted my mom to see if she was hungry for lunch and found out she had some nausea. I offered to bring her medicine. I didn’t plan on staying most of the afternoon or I would have eaten first, but it worked out. I got to meet one of her nurses that came to help “tourcher” her. Not really, but it causes her a lot of pain and a little more since she could not keep some of her medicine down that morning. She re-bandaged her knee and measured her progress. The hardest part was when she had to use this tool that lines up with each part of the leg with a dial in the center to know what angle mom can bend her knee too. Mom has to hold it for a bit and it’s not fun.  She also pressed it to help stretch it out more so hence the term “tourcher”.  I talked to her about different things to distract her. She told me that her favorite art piece of Caley’s was a poster she did for a school function. I had almost forgotten about that one, but mom had not. That’s the one she shows to people and has it saved in her phone. 

Caley sent us this beautiful painting that she did for class. It took her 13 hours and 4 cups of coffee. ­čś│ It looks like it would have gone faster with a pen, but I’m sure that was not part of the assignment. She says it was inspired by Indians. Pretty amazing stuff and I love seeing her artwork. I know I can’t keep them all, but sometimes I want too. Someday her work will be on display for all to see and if it’s only in my living room, that’s ok too!!  She did an amazing colored pencil drawing for Dad for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. It looks so real that it looks brighter than the original picture she drew it from. 

Art Assignment inspired by Indians

Came home to make some dinner, talk to some clients and eventually late at night, pack. I’m leaving for South Dakota tomorrow morning early. I really should be in bed, but I’m not yet. I’m only going for a few days, but I still have to make sure I have everything from cloths to makeup to training materials and my computer. When I checked in early this morning for some reason Delta did not have me on pre-check for my flights so I’m going to have to print my ticket in the morning at the terminal, which I never do. If you plan on doing any amount of constant travel, pay for the pre-check processing. That was the best $85 I have spent for travel!  Saves me so much time getting to the gate and through security. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time to get to the gate and I would have missed flights if it weren’t for pre-check. Another travel tip is to wear your bulky cloths like jeans and heels/boots and pack the rest. Takes up less room in the suitcase and not as heavy. Well, I need some sleep since I have to leave the house at 6am for my flight. 

Dad’s Christmas Present


It may be Sunday, but it was a working day for me.  Showed houses today on some land, which means they were a bit out of town.  They weren’t the right homes for the client.  Both homes had structural damage and not just a little.  We will keep looking until we find the right one.  Also received a call from a new client looking for investment property in Sand Springs, which I sent her some properties when I got home.

Toward the end of showing homes, it started to rain.  Drove over to visit with my mom.  I had not been to her house since she came home from the hospital and wanted to see how she was doing.  We visited for a while and then she needed to get up to eat and exercise.  We talked about Caley and how she was doing and what was going on in my world.  I made her a sandwich and then it was time to work her knee.  Knee surgery may sound easy and sure, it doesn’t take but 1 1/2 hours or so, but the recovery is the real pain.  After taking her medicine with lunch I helped lift her her leg and do her exercises.  It is so hard to watch you parent, or any family member for that matter, in pain.  I guess the phrase “no pain, no gain” is in play with mom.  If she does not move her knee then she can end up with a stiff leg and not have the full use later.  On a funny note, my dad looked at me when I was helping her count 1 1,000, 2 1,000 and so on and I had to mix it up a little.  She was not real excited about going counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 9, 10 and I got smacked for it.  Sure was funny though.  She needed a little laugh so it was worth it.

Nick is doing a good job of filling in for Caley on my hugs and kisses.  Yes, he is a 17 year old boy, but he is also my baby.  Since I don’t have her to hug and love on, he gives me a hug each day.

Will sent Caley a text to say he missed her today and she replied back she missed him too.  Sunday afternoons were typically when she (and sometimes Jacob) would hang out with us and watch a movie or just chill.  I talked with her throughout the day and she sent me pictures of her homework she finished, I believe it took 7 hours!  That is a long project, anf she is really liking her classes, save one.  She says 1 teacher is not her favorite because she thinks she is funny but isn’t.

I made a cup of hot tea tonight.  Added some of my Savannah Bee Co’s ‘Whipped Honey’.  It is my favorite.  No only does it taste great, but it is from Savannah, the city that holds my girl.  Hot tea is something my mom made me when I needed comfort or feeling bad.  Hot tea is something I make my kids when they need a warm feeling to fill their body.  I’m happy to know Caley has some hot tea that she can make anytime she wants, the only difference is, she can’t say: “Mom, would you make me some hot tea”.  Nick asked for some the other day.  Of course he asked me to fix him a plate of brownies today too.  Will said “he is your baby at home”.  I told him of course I will fix him some.  After all, I get 1 more year with him before I will be missing them both!

This blog and these words are all based on my perspective.  There are many perspectives to the same events or actions.  Just like talking with my mom today, she remembered a different perspective of something that happened when I was a child.  The facts are the facts, but our perception of the events can be different because we all have different experiences and backgrounds that lead us to feel or think a certain way.  No matter how many words I write or the number of posts, I will always miss my kids and family when they are not with me.  I’m sure they miss me too.  We may not call, text or write everyday, but that’s ok because we carry our loved ones in our hearts always!

Tevanna Tea + Whipped Honey = Sweet Happiness

Clean Confessions

Today was mostly uneventful, with one exception and it happened at breakfast.  Since today is Saturday, didn’t have to be anywhere this morning.  On a side note, in years past I would have been at a softball game most likely but since my softball girl is off to college that frees up some weekends!  French toast sounded good so I made a plate full for the 3 of us (even though Nick was still asleep).  I thought about how much Caley liked to cook French toast when she was home, but she makes even better pancakes!  Pulled 2 syrup bottles out of the cabinet and put them on the table.  One was pure maple syrup, which is usually the one Will and I like and the other was Griffin’s in a clear bottle.  Will poured syrup all over his french toast and added powdered sugar and took a bite…..  Then he says “I think this syrup has gone bad”.  I’m thinking, can syrup go bad, didn’t think it could, I mean it’s not like it is a year old or anything.  So what do I do, take a bite as well.  Oh my, bad was an understatement and I immediately spit it out!  He fixed another plate with the other syrup and we both ate breakfast and moved on with our day.

Skip forward to I’m cleaning up things.  We have a trash compactor, recently replaced thanks to our Old Republic Home Warranty, and I now put all of the trash in it which is great!  We were always taking out the trash, but not near as much now!  Obviously I was not going to keep this maple syrup that was terrible so I go to pour it out and throw the bottle away and that’s when it happened…. Oh My Goodness! Something came out of the bottle and it went straight into the garbage disposal.  I’m not sure if a bug or something worse crawled in the bottle or if it was molded and a gloop came out, but let me tell you I was so grossed out.  I looked in the garbage disposal to maybe see what it was and quickly decided I did NOT want to know.  So, note to self, make sure the cap is always on when you put things away and always buy a CLEAR bottle so there is not question!  Ok, really done thinking about that!

I worked on a section of the garage with some boxes we had not emptied since the move.  We moved December 1st of last year, so the house is in order, but the garage still needs some work.  I was clearing out the section so that two cars can fit in the garage comfortably.  They both fit, but somebody wants more room next to his car. Found things like baby blankets I brought both the kids home in from the hospital and a car tag off Caley’s last car.  You never know what treasures a garage or box may hold sometimes.  The other reason I needed to clear a bit of space was to put some boxes that were in Caley’s room with her stuff in them.  You see, I also cleaned her room a bit today.  I had left it alone for too long and it was time to clear the dust and move a few things around to make it “guest ready” in case we have someone that wants or needs a place to stay.

Ok, so I’m about to make my daughter laugh out loud.  When she reads what I am about confess, she or anyone in my immediate family will laugh.  It’s something they have been trying to tell me for years but my thought was “my house just isn’t big enough for what I have”.  Here goes…. “I may have a Tupperware problem”, yes I said it Caley!  I used to sell Tupperware when Caley was first born and I have LOTS of Tupperware.  All sizes, shapes, colors and types.  At one point in the old house, Caley cleaned out some of it and put it in the garage where it remained until we moved.  Guess what? I found it!  Let’s just say I have enough Tupperware that when we moved to the new house, I still had some in the original unopened packages.  I have filled my cabinets at least twice what I had at the other house and only have 3 drawers 2 cabinets that don’t have Tupperware of some kind in them.  Maybe I should get rid of some, nope, not ready yet.  Sorry Caley, but I will more than likely give you some instead when you set up your house.  Then when you look in your cabinets you will think of me.  I can remember the orange canisters that my mom had when I was growing up and I’m sure you will always look at Tupperware and think of me and that’s a good thing.  On a funny note, I mentioned maybe I should have a Tupperware party the other day for fun (and because I have some broken pieces that need to be replaced) and Will about had a conniption.  He was like, I don’t think so!

That reminds me of my mom, she is doing good after her knee surgery and I’m going to visit her tomorrow.  She can’t really get out much because she has to be on the “torture machine” as she calls it, for so many hours a day.  She straps her leg into the contraption and it forces her knee to bend at a certain degree amount.  She started at 40 degrees and is supposed to be at 110 degrees in about a month.  Does not sound fun at all.  I was there when the techs went over all of the steps she has to take and how careful she has to be when getting up and down.  If she falls during this recovery time, they say it will take a year to recover and that is not cool.

So in the end, I leave you with this: Close all lids before putting them in the cabinet or refrigerator.  Only by syrup in a clear bottle.  Cleaning out is a good thing.  Sometimes its ok to admit you have a problem.  Always talk to your mom because someday, you won’t have her.  Love, Mom!!

Caley’s Clean Room at Home

Little Things

I woke up this morning to a wonderful message from Jacob.  Sure do love that kid!  The message basically said that he appreciated and missed our family, along with a few other sweet comments.  His message made me thing about the “little things” and he is right, everything you do can and does effect another, even if it is just hanging out with someone.  You never know when your smile and kindness could make someones day.

Speaking of little things, Caley sent me a snap of the Savannah sky today that was beautiful. I’m so happy she is in a good place that is going to help her grow and become who God intended her to be. 

In case some of you don’t know, I will preface these comments with, I’m a REALTOR┬« that also travels the country to train REALTORS┬« and consult offices on how to use technology in their business.  I worked with an office on a webinar and then did some computer work the first part of the day.  That office is so excited about the things I set up for them and ready to start using it.  I will be back in there office in October so I should hear all about how it is going in person then.   I also had to pick up a sign and key box at a listing I don’t have on the market anymore.  It’s hard when you want to help someone and the amount they want is not in line with the market.  I called one of my investors and it was not in an area they wanted to purchase in so maybe some of my other investors will still be interested.  When a listing doesn’t sell, it’s hard not to take it personal because I want them all to sell!

Will and I had a late lunch at Genghis Grill which is a place we frequent and one of Will’s favorites.  Toward the end of our meal we sent a picture to Caley showing where we were eating.  She replied that she missed eating there.  When we take leftovers we write a name on the box and a date.  This way we know who’s left overs it is and how fresh it is.  Strangely enough, I typically don’t eat my leftovers because Caley is usually hungry after a long day of work or school and it tends to hit the spot.  So today when I packaged them up to go home I thought, “she won’t be eating these”.  It’s the little thing like leftovers that make me think of her.

Having a hard time focusing on writing because not log ago I found out one of Caley’s classmates went to heaven tonight, winning his 7 year battle with cancer.  It’s sad that he was so young and such a happy spirit.  I texted Caley to tell her the news, which was not fun.  Swift (the classmate that passed away) didn’t want anything negative posted and instead wanted everything to be positive and happy so out of respect, we will. #SwiftStrong

No matter if it is making someone smile, helping a customer achieve their goals, leftovers in the fridge or posting sad news in a positive way.  The little things in life make it a better place, so smile and create something positive for the day!


Reality Check

It’s the little things in life that make an impression. Take today, I had a friend over for lunch and we talked for hours, which is nice change of pace. 

First the funny thing, Nick comes in the living room with extra shampoos, conditioner and razors and says “what do I do with these things?” I answer, put them under the bathroom cabinet for when Caley comes home.  This coming after his comment yesterday when he said “The bathroom stays cleaner with her gone.” ­čś│ We sure do love her, but we all know she is not the clean freak of the family. 

Nick also worked on his college common app today, and he finally gave me some names of colleges that he is going to apply to! (OU and OSU and he said maybe SCAD) This is huge because most of the time his answer is “I don’t know” ­čśÉ Boys are definitely different than girls, or at least my two are very different. I’ve been trying to find a way to reach him and bring him out of the “I don’t know” shell and it’s starting to happen. The odd part is I think it is because of his sister he is starting to grow a little. He saw SCAD and how happy Caley is and how excited she is about things. I think that trip helped him and I’m so glad!!

I spoke with Caley on the phone a few times, texted and chatted. Late in the evening I was looking through twitter and saw a post from her that said she was missing her mom. Of course I replied and sent her a message checking in. She said that she was catching up reading this blog and she cried a lot. This was never meant to make anyone cry and especially not her. The nice part was she said that this is helping her too. Reading these words makes her feel closer to home. That was exactly what these words were written for, to help navigate through the growing up process for both of us!

On a side note, I won’t be posting anything about surprises or presents or things that might happen or could because obviously with her and Jacob reading this, that would be an issue. I forgot this the other day and spilled the beans on what was in his present I shipped so, note to self…. My baby girl reads theses words so make them count because sometimes I cry writing them just like she does reading them! I love you and miss you bunches!!!

Caley and Nick in Savannah

Dad’s Birthday

It’s different having a family function without all the family. Today was Will’s birthday and of course we all wished him Happy Birthday, some on our family chat, some in person and one special phone call from Georgia. 

Caley had class early this morning and so she was the first morning text. Then Jacob chimed in about is age and Nick helped give dad a hard time too. It was a fun family affair. Yes, we include Jacob and John (Will’s best friend) as part of “Our Family”. 

When Will got home we went to the Osage Casino for a little fun, nothing big and we came out about even. On a side note, only go into a casino with what you are willing to let go of, anything else is unwise. Picked up dinner on the way home and then more family stopped by. 

Will’s sister, 2 nieces, mom and dad came by to bring cards, cake and presents. They visited for a while and then went home. One of our nieces that came is the cutest 3 year old named Gentrey. She loves Caley and Jacob and always wants to talk to them. Usually we FaceTime call, but this time was Snap Chat. Like most little kids, she is fascinated my technology and loves to play with phones, so we did. 

Last call of the evening was from Caley which was nice. She wished dad happy birthday and of course Gentrey wanted to say hello. Caley talked to her and then me and told everyone she missed them. No matter the distance, it’s still nice to hear her voice.