Road Trip

We finally made it out of the driveway at about 9am, ready for hours in the car. The first few hours are driving to get to another state, then Arkansas which seamed to take forever to drive across. Listening to music in the car and anytime a sad song came on, Caley raises the headphones and refuses to listen. She refuses to be sad or thinking about us leaving her. Not in a bad way, just that she is so excited to start her new chapter!

While on the road, she checks her email and has her class schedule and her first assignment! Class books to purchase and then she has two chapters to read by Monday. Let the work begin!

Made a few stops to eat and get gas and on the road. Tennessee went fast except we hit 5pm traffic in Memphis, not so much fun. Mississippi was pretty quick too and here it is at 10pm and we are in Alabama. We still have almost all of Georgia to cross too. 

We played a game to pass the time, could be why some went by faster, not really.  You say a name of a famous person or character with a first and last name. The first initial of the last name has to be the same as the next person’s first letter of the first name. Nick was the first one out, Will didn’t play this round and that left Caley and I for quite a while. I finally gave up after exhausting all the W names I could think of! Pretty sure Will would have won, he confessed to helping give me hints after she won. ☺️ One of the things I love about him is he always tells on himself to me or family. If he says something jokingly or could be taken the wrong way he will immediately tell me. He is totally right, when he tells me, it’s no big deal but if someone tells you that your husband said something bad, joking or not, it can make you wonder. 

We are now listening to comedy on the road which is helping us keep awake and laugh together! Just 4 more hours to go! It is taking extra time we didn’t factor in because we have to go slower with the trailer. Something about smaller wheels means they should not go as fast. Once we make it to where we are staying, we will sleep for about 4 hours and then get up and let the unpacking begin. 😳😩


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