Move-In Day!

Before we actually get to the move-in time, let’s review the day itself.  At my last post I noted that we were going to drive through and make it to Savannah by the wee hours of the morning….that didn’t happen!  About 1:30-2am we were too tired to continue and so we stopped in Atlanta because we just could not make it.  We found a hotel, let’s call it “crash pad hotel”.  Won’t be staying their again!  You know it’s bad when they lock the lobby door at 10pm and you go to a “window” to book the reservations.  Then when we got to the room, we checked the beds for any unwanted “guests”.  At this point of the morning, we almost didn’t care.  Slept in our cloths, crashed and woke up ready to leave!!  Pretty sure something bit a few of us in the night, but can’t be for sure what.  Breakfast at Waffle House and then on the road by 10am.  Another 4 hours in the car and we made it to Turner House for check-in.

Her dorm building is cool with a courtyard in the middle with U shaped building around it. She is on the 4th floor with 1 roommate and an outside unit.  They did have 3 in a room, but the 3rd one was moved for some reason prior to the move-in date.  From 3pm to 5pm we moved things in, unloaded, unpacked, organized, cleaned, fluffed and stuffed.  It looks pretty good but then we realized a few things; 1. We had not eaten since 9am and 2. We needed to make a trip to the store because we were missing a few things.

Since the trailer was unloaded, keep in mind we were the ONLY family that came with a trailer of stuff, Oh My Goodness!!  The office I’m teaching tomorrow has agreed to let us leave the trailer in the parking lot over the weekend so we don’t have to take it everywhere, which was wonderful of them.  So we unhitched and locked it up so we were free to move around without the extra baggage.  We didn’t really have that much stuff in it, but the bike would not fit in the car, didn’t have a rack for it and the amount of stuff she brought + our luggage + us, just would not work.  Really would like to ditch this trailer, but they charge an arm and a leg to leave it somewhere other than where you picked it up!

With the trailer situated, FOOD was the only thing we could think of.  We went to a diner that had been there since 1928 I think they said.  Had something I had never heard of, a pasta burger.  In case you are wondering, it’s a burger covered with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, and it was fabulous!!  Caley entered to win a free dinner at the diner and got a 10% discount for being a student, win-win!  SCAD has a Target shopping night tomorrow, but we decided to go early and get what she needed to miss the rush.  Turns out they take buses of kids to Target to go shopping and give them all a goodie bag, which sounds really cool.  Then it was back to the dorm room with the loot for her to finish the final touches of her room.  We finally met her roommate, Vanessa, who is from Honduras and here studying architecture.  I will have before and after pictures of the room to post tomorrow.

In case you are wondering, I haven’t cried yet, mostly because we were too busy.  Non-stop most of the day.  I did however leave a letter that I wrote her before we left behind one of her pillows on her bed.  It’s 5 pages long, hand written.  I told her all about how we love her and are proud of her and excited for the life she is going to have.  I’m pretty sure she may cry as I did when I wrote it, but was careful not to get any tears on the paper.

I’m showered and wrapping up a few things to do for my classes tomorrow before off to bed.  Looking forward to our parent orientation and showing Nick around the campus tomorrow afternoon.


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