Orientation & Mom’s Taxi

This morning started early with teaching a class for REALTORS® about being a paperless agent and working with Dotloop. Had to run a few errands then picked up the boys and we were off to SCAD orientation.  

Learned a lot about her school and they even gave us our own handbook book and schedule. After the first part they divided the parents and students and finished telling us everything from career planning, campus security and laundry. (Yes, did you know the laundry machine will text you when the load is done? Why can’t mine at home do that!)

We were able to spend the evening with Caley in Savannah, strolled through downtown, had a fabulous steak dinner at Tondee’s Tavern and a waiter that was just as great!  Looked around at some shops and found a few things and did a little Pokemon hunting while we were in the middle of a lot of Poke-stops. 😳

Finally found a power strip, last one at Best Buy, for her dorm. After we dropped her off at her new home, the boys and I went to a movie. I think it is easier to gradually say goodbye. One more day of activities at the campus and then not sure what else we will do for the remainder of our time. Beach may be fun, it’s only about 20 minutes away. I took Caley and Nick to the West coast beach last summer, why not the East coast this year. 

Just about the time I think I’m going to bed, I get a call requesting Mom’s Taxi service. Of course I jumped at the chance to run my girl and her roommate from Target to their door room. It didn’t matter that it was 1am or that she could have taken the bus. The fact remained I was 10 minutes away and could! It made me feel useful and needed to help with the Target haul from the SCAD shopping night. Also got to hang a few more cloths, put away the food stash and in true mom fashion notice that two cords were tangled in a stool so if anyone tried to pick it up, electronics from the desk would surely fall. No worries, I fixed it. Well worth giving up sleep for her!! 


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