Welcome to SCAD

Last night was a very late night, so a little sleep was in order this morning. Found a nice little cafe place in Savannah and then we walked to the conference center for our last sessions for parents and family. The Welcome to SCAD was short and sweet and fun to listen to. They ended with drummers and it was time for the parents to go to another area to discuss a few other things. 

Now this “Advise for Parents” meeting was not exactly what I expected. He asked the question to all of the first time college parents of “How are you feeling?” What?! You want to know about the roller coaster of emotions? Parents stood up and said things like: “I’m feeling like I was just laid off” (from my parent job); “How do you make sure my kids does not fall through the cracks?”; “Will I hear from my kid?”; “Did I teach them everything they need to know?”; Did I forget to tell them or teach them anything?”  The one that totally did me in was when a lady said “I’m trusting you with MY baby!”  Just thinking about and writing this makes me cry.  I was feeling all of these things they were talking about and I had to pull out the Kleenex in the session. Their were some funny moments and comments too. He asked who was leaving today, then who was leaving tomorrow, then Monday and last Tuesday. When he got to Tuesday he told them he was going to need their license plate numbers so he could make sure they left town 😳. 

After first time college drop off parents were done, he asked parents that have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th kid to give the 1st time parents advise. Some of the comments were: “You have not been laid off (as a parent), but promoted!”; “It’s normal to be nervous”; “Trust that you raised them right, they were listening even when you thought they weren’t”; “When they call, just listen, don’t ‘parent’ them and be supportive”; “Let them grow up”; “Don’t cry to them, turn to someone else for that”. Some really great comments and advise. 

Also love the tip of Skypeing during dinner so you can put them at the table and feel like it’s dinner at home. Another one was reach out or meet with other parents experiencing the same thing. One lady met with parents for a “packing party” in order to put together a care package once a month to send to their kids while enjoying other parents company and sharing experiences. My theropy is writing this blog and putting my thoughts and feelings in writing. I do like some of these tips and may try them!

We went to eat after the sessions and ate with the 3 of us.  It’s going to be “table for 3” for a while, it takes time to get used to that. We did get to see Caley afterwards because we brought her some sushi and soup to her dorm. Tomorrow is it, the last day we will see her for a while!  How do I say goodbye to my baby? What will be my last words to her before we drive off and leave her behind? (That brings tears to my eyes!!)

Before we left her dorm, I asked if she found my letter and she did….she cried! My hope is when she misses us and needs to hear my words, she can pull that out and read it. I knew this would be hard and hit me at some point, but didn’t wake up this morning thinking I would end the day, crying myself to sleep in bed! 

Ok, pull it together!!!  Nick, Will and I had a fun afternoon and I even picked up some of my favorite “whipped honey” from the Savannah Bee Company. We went to a famous ice cream place Leopold’s Ice Cream opened on 1919! It was fabulous and worth standing in a line that went out the door!  Last time we were here the line was out the door and around the corner for over a block!!!!

On a positive note, tomorrow we are going to the beach and taking Caley and Vanessa (her roommate). It will also be the last day to see her this trip. I’m going to bed early today because the lack of sleep, emotional roller coaster and tears are giving me a headache. Time for some sleep, be prepared I’m sure tomorrow’s post will be filled with some fun and some more tears. 😢

P.S. Achieved all three goals on my Apple Watch today! Calories, Standing and Exersice all by 8:50pm! Win! 


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