The Day for Goodbye

Slept in and we defiantly needed it! Will and I went to eat at Waffle House (yes, second time this trip). Nick wanted more sleep. 😉 After our tummies were full back to our Airbnb to change for the beach! 

We picked up Caley and Venessa at one of the SCAD buildings so they could run to the dorm then we were off to Tybee Island. Made a quick stop to buy towels and sun screen for my easily sun burned husband! The sand was soft and the water just right! Ocean waves smacked us around a little and it was worth it! A little more wet than when we came and with the taste of saltwater on our lips, we headed back for the girls to go to a meeting in their dorm. Took some fun pictures on the edge of the water and of course caught a few Pokemon on the beach. 

As we dropped them off it was a quick goodbye and I felt like it would be the last, so the tears began to roll, roll and roll. Will turned to me and said we would see her one more time and that seemed to easy it for a bit. After we had quick showers and changed, we realized we didn’t eat lunch so went back to have dinner on the river. Had a nice meal at Joe’s Crab Shack next to the water. Mixed cherry drink was nice and the company was even better! I was texting and snap chatting (picture texting app-Snap Chat) with Caley. She told us to come back by since Vanessa was taking a nap. Since we were only a mile or so away, didn’t take us long to get there. 

We parked the car and Caley came out to visit and we made small talk about left overs and bikes. Then it was time to say…goodbye…  I gave her the first hug and held on tight for a while. My first born, my baby girl, my best friend was staying behind and I was leaving. Then Dad hugged her and told her to make good choices and get good grades. Nick was next and I had to have the last one too! I tried hard not to cry, but I just could not help myself. As we drove away I could not help thinking she would now be 15 hours away. 

I’m finding games are helping distract me a bit. The family introduced me to a new game called Best Fiends and between that and Pokemon it has help cope. Along those same lines after we left Caley, Nick wanted to drive back to the beach to Pokemon hunt, so we did! Driving around the beach reminded me of some advise I told others: “Pokemon hang out at the beach”. In case you are thinking, she plays that game? The answer is yes, and proud of it. Whatever helps to calm the mind. 

The time has come to hook up the empty trailer, pack the suit cases and load the car. Yes, I said trailer. We just didn’t have enough room for her bike, jewelry mirror, cloths, stuff and the rest of us in just the car. Will is not excited about hauling it home, but it is so much more expensive to leave it here. They already got my first born, don’t need to leave more money than necessary!  Not looking forward to the 4 hour drive to the Atlanta airport to fly to Grand Rappids, MI. Keeping busy for a while is part of coping plan. 


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