Leaving Savannah

First I would like to say I’m happy about the town SCAD is located in. This was my 3rd trip and every time we have met nice and wonderful people!! I have heard about the crime rate being high, but from what I have seen and experienced I feel she will stay alert and not put herself in situations where something might happen. Of course it doesn’t hurt that her roommate is very skilled in Taekwondo and traveled the world competing. ☺️

All joking aside, the people really are great, and they have sweet tea in about every restaurant and diner so she will be right at home!!

Since we packed most of our things last night, not a lot to do but get dressed and load the final bags this morning. We hit the road which took us right by her dorm one last time. She was already off early this morning for an 8am class. No breakfast just straight to Atlanta! We did get gas and snacks at the same place we stopped on the way down to fill our tummies and tank. Since I have to teach tomorrow we had to drop me off by 12:30.  We made it with 4 minutes to spare. Through security, on the railway to the gate then the wait to board. As I’m boarding the attendant sees my SCAD shirt and says she sent her daughter to SCAD to which I replied “I left mine there yesterday” then the attendant on the plane says his child went there too. I’m in good hands on this Southwest flight to Chicago then another Grand Rapids. 

Not sure how it’s going to be when I make it home to her empty room in a few days. At least I have my son at home for one more year. After our trip to see his sister off, he is considering going to SCAD also, wow both of them together would be awesome! 

Turner House Courtyard
All the SCAD buildings are unique


One thought on “Leaving Savannah

  1. SCAD is a wonderful college and does so much in the community as well. She will have a wonderful time here and Savannah is well known for being one of the friendliest, most romantic and haunted in the southeast. So she should enjoy her time here. 💖🎉


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