A New Reality

Part of my new reality is I won’t be seeing my girl everyday. Right now it doesn’t seem so bad, but since I’m traveling and have not made it home yet, that helps. I would not have seen her when I was teaching anyway. 

Travers City, MI is pretty right now even if it is a bit cold compared to the hot Savannah days I just came from or the 90 degree heat at home in Oklahoma. Had two good size classes today of Coldwell Banker agents and expecting 2 more good size ones tomorrow. 

Caley called me today, just to ask if I was a computer to do something for her, but I got to hear her voice and it made me happy. We have been texting and snapping so I’m still feeling connected to her. She had not forgotten her mom yet!!! ☺️

My mom called to ask how the trip went and how Caley was at school. It was strange because she told me how terribly she missed me when I moved out. The difference here is when I left, it wasn’t for college but to marry my high school sweetheart just 2 months after graduation. At 18 I was ready and so anxious to grow up and go into the world, but as a parent now I understand how she must have felt. It’s time for me to spend more time with my mom. Life truly does go in cycles and we get to experience all sides of it eventually. Each side gives you a new perspective and way of looking at things. It’s our job to learn from each experience and grow as a person. Today I’m understanding and experiencing my mothers feelings more, even if it is 22 years later!

Sporting my SCAD shirt!

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