Gift from Dad

Today was busy, started out with a training session in the morning and then one in the afternoon in Traverse City, MI. Fun students that asked great questions.

About mid day, Caley sent a text on the family chat that started out “I LOVE YOU GUYS”! It made her day to get gifts from us.  You see on the road home, Will decided she needed some more things for her dorm, not fancy or practice things, but something special from dad. He was Amazon shopping while I was driving to Atlanta on Monday. 

She loves the movie “How to train your dragon” and that is one of the reasons she decided she wanted to do animation and special effects in movies. Of course he had to find her a “toothless” stuffed animal for her bed. He also go her a Pop’s Deardevil bobble head. Something the two of them like and I thing just collects dust. They don’t even take them out of the box, seems silly to me, but they like them. 

Gifts from Dad

She was expecting a shipment from us, but that was her school book that silly girl shipped home instead of to her dorm. Oh well, gave us a chance to send her something from home too. I sure do love that kid!

That’s all for now, I’m hoping for a little sleep before waking up and going to the airport for a 5:40am flight. 😩


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