1st Weekend

While Will, Nick and I spend our fist weekend back at home, Caley has her 1st weekend get away. As a young adult I’m proud of her growing into her own person. She planed a trip for Jacob and her 1 year anniversary to Atlanta to a music festival featuring several bands that they both like. 

Yesterday she took her first bus ride on public transportation, which was an experience for her.  Then she called us on FaceTime to chat and show us where she was staying. It was nice to see her. I was making cookies and she wished she could get one through the phone. Probably best you can’t smell through the phone or that would have made her miss home more.  She doesn’t know I’m making another batch and shipping them to her soon. A small care package from home. I expect to get to know the ladies at the post office well. Packages to Jacob and to Caley. 

This afternoon Will and I went swimming in our pool which is one of the most relaxing things for me. I call it my happy place. Yes, it is starting to get a little cold, but it was just right with the sun out! The phone doesn’t ring, the apps can’t distract you, and the time doesn’t matter in the pool!  It’s just us, the water and the sun. 😍

My Happy Place

Caley’s best friend Vanessa came over today. She is in town visiting from Langston Univeristy. She needed something nice to wear because she is in the Miss Langston pageant coming up on Thursday. She and I are about the same size, although I am shorter for sure!  I love having the kids come and visit. We found something cute for her to wear and I gave her a shirt Caley bought her at Tybee Beach and of course some cookies. We have a saying at our house, it’s an all you can eat household, if you find it, you can eat it!  I don’t want any kids going hungry and they know I will always feed them!

Nick went to the grocery store with me which was nice. He is the quiet type but when he does talk he is usually funny and I like it when he hangs out with me. I tried talking to him about college plans, but he just hasn’t found his passion yet. 

It’s college football season and we are OU fans so the evening consists of watching the Oklahoma Univeristy game. The game did not go the way we would have liked, and hopefully the next game will go better. 


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