From Bad to Better

Today makes 1 week since I hugged her goodbye.  It has not been as hard as I was afraid it would be.  It helps to have FaceTime, Snap Chat, text and phone calls.  That being said, I cleaned up the house today which is normal, but no extra shoes or items left in the living room to take to her room this time.  This could be a good thing, but I would still rather have her near by.  It’s hard letting your kids grow up.  You want to do things for them and take care of them, but sometimes they have to do it on their own.

Caley enjoyed a day in Atlanta with Jacob before getting ready to head back to Savannah.  That’s when the first call of “help” or “trouble” happened.  With as much travel as I have done over the years, I have not ridden a Greyhound Bus so didn’t have any experience or tips to give her.  She went to the bus station and discovered that she did not have the ticket from Friday’s trip to Atlanta.  They will not reprint a ticket because it is against their policy.  Really?  I called customer service According to the Greyhound complaint customer service rep, there is “nothing they can do” and it is “not their liability”.  So basically they don’t tell a first time rider/customer that they need to hold onto the ticket for the return trip.  It boils down to this, she had to buy a second (1 way) ticket that cost more than the round trip ticket she bought last week!  Wow, so if you loose your ticket or anything happens to it, you are screwed and out the money.  That’s where they get you!  Since customer service was not able to do anything and did not help, I told them I was not happy and going to post negative things on social media, so this is medium #3!  Posted first on Facebook with many comments, likes/angry faces, and shares. Next was Twitter and now on the blog.  As one of my friends said, don’t mess with momma bear!  It can’t be that hard to have boarding passes on the phone.  I have been using online boarding passes for flights for years get with the upgrade Greyhound.  Of course if they had that, then they could not charge people for loosing or misplacing their tickets and would not make as much money.  On the up side, they would not have as many angry customers and get bad press.  Which way should a company want to go – new technology and happy customers or living in the past and over charging?  To me it is a no brainer, but obviously they did not ask me!  I have to say one thing that came out of this that made me proud is when she told us she had to buy another ticket, of course I offered to transfer money to her, but she said no.  She said that she had to pay for her mistakes.  We understood, but still transferred half of the amount to her.  I think the “policy” Greyhound has is stupid and out of date, but it was not fair for a college student with no income to be forced to pay for something twice!

So of course I want to have my girl happy and chocolate chip cookies makes everything better!!  I made cookies tonight to send in a package tomorrow.  I’m loving the USPS priority mail “if it fits, it ships”.  Caley needs a few other things from home like an ethernet cable and games for the Playstation.  I can’t leave Jacob out and I’m shipping his tomorrow too.  Since I was planning on sending a package already, I checked with his mom and she has some things to go too.  I’m meeting up with her before the post office to fill his box.  It will be a nice surprise for him.  I made some for Vanessa the other day, so my 3 college kids I promised to feed and send presents to are taken care of.

Since she gets in so late, she is getting a little sleep on the bus.  I can still do some of my motherly duties by calling to wake her up before it’s time to arrive and walk to the dorm (only a block away).  I will be happy to stay up and call her anytime!


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