First Package from Mom

Checked Facebook today and saw a long nice post by Jacob about their trip to Atlanta for the weekend.  He told the story of the trip with the bands they saw, the places they ate and the fun they had.  All that with pictures.  It was so nice to see the two of them together and having a good time.

I sent her the first package from mom!  I had a box from USPS and packed it good.  She only needed an ethernet cable and some games for the Playstation, but I couldn’t just send her that.  I added the chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday and a few other things.  When we packed her up and took her to Savannah, we didn’t get her some of her favorite tea.  I put some of that in the package along with some sugar.  I really was listening when she told me that she made tea for her friends and discovered she didn’t have any sugar to make “sweet tea”.  I also added a few other food items that she might want like popcorn for a movie.  Last but not least, a quick note from mom and a message on the box that says “Sent with love”.  Of course Jacob’s package included cookies, more food and a note as well. 🙂

Spent some time with Nick today when I took him to the dentist and to lunch afterwords.  It was nice to visit with him and hang out a little.  Still working on getting him to talk about colleges and his plans.

Quick swim in the pool this evening before dinner and a phone call to my mom.  She is having surgery tomorrow on her knee so wanted to check in.  She says it’s no big deal and I don’t need to come, but any surgery comes with some risk and I’m going to go see her anyway.  After all, what daughter always listens to mom all the time?  I know, I’m the daughter in this situation!  Life really is a circle and you may start at one side and end up on the other.


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