Role Reversal

For some reason, even though I am a “techy” and love my Apple products, I had not updated my iPhone. Today I did and I’m so glad. Mostly my delay was because I filled up my phone and needed to delete things. One of the amazing new features is that I can write a message on the screen! Sure, I can scribble a little something on my Apple Watch, but bigger screen and messaging any Apple phone is fabulous!  What did I use it to do? Tell Caley “I love you”, of course! She comments how she likes my handwriting so I thought it would be nice to send her a message, best part was she sent me one back!  I fee a little closer to her that way. 

Hand Written Note

The other significant thing that happened today was my mom had surgery on her knee. Everything went well and I went to go see her. It’s not often when we are younger that we have the opportunity to care for the person that cared for us. I fed her dinner, fixed her iced tea in her room and spent time hanging out with her. The experience of making sweet tea in air planes, hotels and on the go helped me to get just the right formula for hospital hot water, sugar packets and a bucket of ice. ☺️ 

It’s not easy to see our loved ones in pain, but at least I know this time is temporary. She will be running around on her new knee before we know it!

Caley also told me the date she is needing to come home for winter break and it doesn’t feel that far away. It’s less than 2 months, we’ve got this!  After all, I’m still talking, texting or snapping with her daily. 


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