Dad’s Birthday

It’s different having a family function without all the family. Today was Will’s birthday and of course we all wished him Happy Birthday, some on our family chat, some in person and one special phone call from Georgia. 

Caley had class early this morning and so she was the first morning text. Then Jacob chimed in about is age and Nick helped give dad a hard time too. It was a fun family affair. Yes, we include Jacob and John (Will’s best friend) as part of “Our Family”. 

When Will got home we went to the Osage Casino for a little fun, nothing big and we came out about even. On a side note, only go into a casino with what you are willing to let go of, anything else is unwise. Picked up dinner on the way home and then more family stopped by. 

Will’s sister, 2 nieces, mom and dad came by to bring cards, cake and presents. They visited for a while and then went home. One of our nieces that came is the cutest 3 year old named Gentrey. She loves Caley and Jacob and always wants to talk to them. Usually we FaceTime call, but this time was Snap Chat. Like most little kids, she is fascinated my technology and loves to play with phones, so we did. 

Last call of the evening was from Caley which was nice. She wished dad happy birthday and of course Gentrey wanted to say hello. Caley talked to her and then me and told everyone she missed them. No matter the distance, it’s still nice to hear her voice. 


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