Reality Check

It’s the little things in life that make an impression. Take today, I had a friend over for lunch and we talked for hours, which is nice change of pace. 

First the funny thing, Nick comes in the living room with extra shampoos, conditioner and razors and says “what do I do with these things?” I answer, put them under the bathroom cabinet for when Caley comes home.  This coming after his comment yesterday when he said “The bathroom stays cleaner with her gone.” 😳 We sure do love her, but we all know she is not the clean freak of the family. 

Nick also worked on his college common app today, and he finally gave me some names of colleges that he is going to apply to! (OU and OSU and he said maybe SCAD) This is huge because most of the time his answer is “I don’t know” 😐 Boys are definitely different than girls, or at least my two are very different. I’ve been trying to find a way to reach him and bring him out of the “I don’t know” shell and it’s starting to happen. The odd part is I think it is because of his sister he is starting to grow a little. He saw SCAD and how happy Caley is and how excited she is about things. I think that trip helped him and I’m so glad!!

I spoke with Caley on the phone a few times, texted and chatted. Late in the evening I was looking through twitter and saw a post from her that said she was missing her mom. Of course I replied and sent her a message checking in. She said that she was catching up reading this blog and she cried a lot. This was never meant to make anyone cry and especially not her. The nice part was she said that this is helping her too. Reading these words makes her feel closer to home. That was exactly what these words were written for, to help navigate through the growing up process for both of us!

On a side note, I won’t be posting anything about surprises or presents or things that might happen or could because obviously with her and Jacob reading this, that would be an issue. I forgot this the other day and spilled the beans on what was in his present I shipped so, note to self…. My baby girl reads theses words so make them count because sometimes I cry writing them just like she does reading them! I love you and miss you bunches!!!

Caley and Nick in Savannah

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