Little Things

I woke up this morning to a wonderful message from Jacob.  Sure do love that kid!  The message basically said that he appreciated and missed our family, along with a few other sweet comments.  His message made me thing about the “little things” and he is right, everything you do can and does effect another, even if it is just hanging out with someone.  You never know when your smile and kindness could make someones day.

Speaking of little things, Caley sent me a snap of the Savannah sky today that was beautiful. I’m so happy she is in a good place that is going to help her grow and become who God intended her to be. 

In case some of you don’t know, I will preface these comments with, I’m a REALTOR® that also travels the country to train REALTORS® and consult offices on how to use technology in their business.  I worked with an office on a webinar and then did some computer work the first part of the day.  That office is so excited about the things I set up for them and ready to start using it.  I will be back in there office in October so I should hear all about how it is going in person then.   I also had to pick up a sign and key box at a listing I don’t have on the market anymore.  It’s hard when you want to help someone and the amount they want is not in line with the market.  I called one of my investors and it was not in an area they wanted to purchase in so maybe some of my other investors will still be interested.  When a listing doesn’t sell, it’s hard not to take it personal because I want them all to sell!

Will and I had a late lunch at Genghis Grill which is a place we frequent and one of Will’s favorites.  Toward the end of our meal we sent a picture to Caley showing where we were eating.  She replied that she missed eating there.  When we take leftovers we write a name on the box and a date.  This way we know who’s left overs it is and how fresh it is.  Strangely enough, I typically don’t eat my leftovers because Caley is usually hungry after a long day of work or school and it tends to hit the spot.  So today when I packaged them up to go home I thought, “she won’t be eating these”.  It’s the little thing like leftovers that make me think of her.

Having a hard time focusing on writing because not log ago I found out one of Caley’s classmates went to heaven tonight, winning his 7 year battle with cancer.  It’s sad that he was so young and such a happy spirit.  I texted Caley to tell her the news, which was not fun.  Swift (the classmate that passed away) didn’t want anything negative posted and instead wanted everything to be positive and happy so out of respect, we will. #SwiftStrong

No matter if it is making someone smile, helping a customer achieve their goals, leftovers in the fridge or posting sad news in a positive way.  The little things in life make it a better place, so smile and create something positive for the day!



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