Clean Confessions

Today was mostly uneventful, with one exception and it happened at breakfast.  Since today is Saturday, didn’t have to be anywhere this morning.  On a side note, in years past I would have been at a softball game most likely but since my softball girl is off to college that frees up some weekends!  French toast sounded good so I made a plate full for the 3 of us (even though Nick was still asleep).  I thought about how much Caley liked to cook French toast when she was home, but she makes even better pancakes!  Pulled 2 syrup bottles out of the cabinet and put them on the table.  One was pure maple syrup, which is usually the one Will and I like and the other was Griffin’s in a clear bottle.  Will poured syrup all over his french toast and added powdered sugar and took a bite…..  Then he says “I think this syrup has gone bad”.  I’m thinking, can syrup go bad, didn’t think it could, I mean it’s not like it is a year old or anything.  So what do I do, take a bite as well.  Oh my, bad was an understatement and I immediately spit it out!  He fixed another plate with the other syrup and we both ate breakfast and moved on with our day.

Skip forward to I’m cleaning up things.  We have a trash compactor, recently replaced thanks to our Old Republic Home Warranty, and I now put all of the trash in it which is great!  We were always taking out the trash, but not near as much now!  Obviously I was not going to keep this maple syrup that was terrible so I go to pour it out and throw the bottle away and that’s when it happened…. Oh My Goodness! Something came out of the bottle and it went straight into the garbage disposal.  I’m not sure if a bug or something worse crawled in the bottle or if it was molded and a gloop came out, but let me tell you I was so grossed out.  I looked in the garbage disposal to maybe see what it was and quickly decided I did NOT want to know.  So, note to self, make sure the cap is always on when you put things away and always buy a CLEAR bottle so there is not question!  Ok, really done thinking about that!

I worked on a section of the garage with some boxes we had not emptied since the move.  We moved December 1st of last year, so the house is in order, but the garage still needs some work.  I was clearing out the section so that two cars can fit in the garage comfortably.  They both fit, but somebody wants more room next to his car. Found things like baby blankets I brought both the kids home in from the hospital and a car tag off Caley’s last car.  You never know what treasures a garage or box may hold sometimes.  The other reason I needed to clear a bit of space was to put some boxes that were in Caley’s room with her stuff in them.  You see, I also cleaned her room a bit today.  I had left it alone for too long and it was time to clear the dust and move a few things around to make it “guest ready” in case we have someone that wants or needs a place to stay.

Ok, so I’m about to make my daughter laugh out loud.  When she reads what I am about confess, she or anyone in my immediate family will laugh.  It’s something they have been trying to tell me for years but my thought was “my house just isn’t big enough for what I have”.  Here goes…. “I may have a Tupperware problem”, yes I said it Caley!  I used to sell Tupperware when Caley was first born and I have LOTS of Tupperware.  All sizes, shapes, colors and types.  At one point in the old house, Caley cleaned out some of it and put it in the garage where it remained until we moved.  Guess what? I found it!  Let’s just say I have enough Tupperware that when we moved to the new house, I still had some in the original unopened packages.  I have filled my cabinets at least twice what I had at the other house and only have 3 drawers 2 cabinets that don’t have Tupperware of some kind in them.  Maybe I should get rid of some, nope, not ready yet.  Sorry Caley, but I will more than likely give you some instead when you set up your house.  Then when you look in your cabinets you will think of me.  I can remember the orange canisters that my mom had when I was growing up and I’m sure you will always look at Tupperware and think of me and that’s a good thing.  On a funny note, I mentioned maybe I should have a Tupperware party the other day for fun (and because I have some broken pieces that need to be replaced) and Will about had a conniption.  He was like, I don’t think so!

That reminds me of my mom, she is doing good after her knee surgery and I’m going to visit her tomorrow.  She can’t really get out much because she has to be on the “torture machine” as she calls it, for so many hours a day.  She straps her leg into the contraption and it forces her knee to bend at a certain degree amount.  She started at 40 degrees and is supposed to be at 110 degrees in about a month.  Does not sound fun at all.  I was there when the techs went over all of the steps she has to take and how careful she has to be when getting up and down.  If she falls during this recovery time, they say it will take a year to recover and that is not cool.

So in the end, I leave you with this: Close all lids before putting them in the cabinet or refrigerator.  Only by syrup in a clear bottle.  Cleaning out is a good thing.  Sometimes its ok to admit you have a problem.  Always talk to your mom because someday, you won’t have her.  Love, Mom!!

Caley’s Clean Room at Home

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