It may be Sunday, but it was a working day for me.  Showed houses today on some land, which means they were a bit out of town.  They weren’t the right homes for the client.  Both homes had structural damage and not just a little.  We will keep looking until we find the right one.  Also received a call from a new client looking for investment property in Sand Springs, which I sent her some properties when I got home.

Toward the end of showing homes, it started to rain.  Drove over to visit with my mom.  I had not been to her house since she came home from the hospital and wanted to see how she was doing.  We visited for a while and then she needed to get up to eat and exercise.  We talked about Caley and how she was doing and what was going on in my world.  I made her a sandwich and then it was time to work her knee.  Knee surgery may sound easy and sure, it doesn’t take but 1 1/2 hours or so, but the recovery is the real pain.  After taking her medicine with lunch I helped lift her her leg and do her exercises.  It is so hard to watch you parent, or any family member for that matter, in pain.  I guess the phrase “no pain, no gain” is in play with mom.  If she does not move her knee then she can end up with a stiff leg and not have the full use later.  On a funny note, my dad looked at me when I was helping her count 1 1,000, 2 1,000 and so on and I had to mix it up a little.  She was not real excited about going counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 9, 10 and I got smacked for it.  Sure was funny though.  She needed a little laugh so it was worth it.

Nick is doing a good job of filling in for Caley on my hugs and kisses.  Yes, he is a 17 year old boy, but he is also my baby.  Since I don’t have her to hug and love on, he gives me a hug each day.

Will sent Caley a text to say he missed her today and she replied back she missed him too.  Sunday afternoons were typically when she (and sometimes Jacob) would hang out with us and watch a movie or just chill.  I talked with her throughout the day and she sent me pictures of her homework she finished, I believe it took 7 hours!  That is a long project, anf she is really liking her classes, save one.  She says 1 teacher is not her favorite because she thinks she is funny but isn’t.

I made a cup of hot tea tonight.  Added some of my Savannah Bee Co’s ‘Whipped Honey’.  It is my favorite.  No only does it taste great, but it is from Savannah, the city that holds my girl.  Hot tea is something my mom made me when I needed comfort or feeling bad.  Hot tea is something I make my kids when they need a warm feeling to fill their body.  I’m happy to know Caley has some hot tea that she can make anytime she wants, the only difference is, she can’t say: “Mom, would you make me some hot tea”.  Nick asked for some the other day.  Of course he asked me to fix him a plate of brownies today too.  Will said “he is your baby at home”.  I told him of course I will fix him some.  After all, I get 1 more year with him before I will be missing them both!

This blog and these words are all based on my perspective.  There are many perspectives to the same events or actions.  Just like talking with my mom today, she remembered a different perspective of something that happened when I was a child.  The facts are the facts, but our perception of the events can be different because we all have different experiences and backgrounds that lead us to feel or think a certain way.  No matter how many words I write or the number of posts, I will always miss my kids and family when they are not with me.  I’m sure they miss me too.  We may not call, text or write everyday, but that’s ok because we carry our loved ones in our hearts always!

Tevanna Tea + Whipped Honey = Sweet Happiness

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