Fast Friends

When I woke up this morning at 5:15am, I did not expect to be hanging out in the Minneapolis, MN airport for 10 hours. Nor did I expect to make friends or money, but I did all 3 of those. The flight on Delta from Tulsa to Minneapolis went fine, no issues. Had a 2 hour layover so I grabbed a bite to eat and found my gate. Pretty normal for a travel day. 

Before the flight to Rapid City, SD they asked if anyone would be willing to take a later flight. Well, I had nothing planned today and was going to be killing time so why not hang out in the airport and “volunteer” to stay a bit and make money in the process?  They gave me $400 to stay and one other person, Sarah, volunteered to stay a while as well. We both got the incentive and soon learned that the flights to Rapid City were almost all full but the last one. Also met Lisa at the gate. Started chatting and found out she was going standby. She had also slept in the airport the night before because she had weather issues with her plane. Sarah had also been here since yesterday but she stayed in a hotel and her reason was mechanical issues of her previous flight.  

So here we are, a young single woman, a mom with a kid in HS & College, and a widowed nurse grandmother. Not a typical group of friends but we bonded at the gate and soon became friends. Started out with lunch together then walking around and going to the next flight at 2:30pm or so. Lisa and Sarah both “volunteered” again to stay for the last flight out. They both received $500. That is $400 for me, $500 for Lisa and $900 for Sarah! 

Our 3 musketeers group had another 7 hours to wait to make it to our final destination. We walked from one end of the airport to the other (gates C to F16). We shared stories, ate at Chick-fil-a, visited a divine chocolate store and 2 of us played Pokémon Go. It’s much more interesting when you have someone to talk with. 

By the time we boarded the plane, Lisa was in the airport 22 hours, Sarah + 3 others for 12 hours and me for 10 hours. It was like a small group of fast friends all based on a common end with different origins. You never know the people you will meet, the friends you will make or the paths you will go on. I know Caley has also made new friends and gone to new places, that’s what life is all about!! So unplug the head phones, smile at a stranger and strike up a conversation to live life to the fullest!

Fast Friends

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