My Artist Girl

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie and known the story line was a little sad and you don’t expect to turn into a blubber baby? So that happened today. It was a pretty good movie, and didn’t anticipate it hitting me like it did. The name was “We are Marshall” or “Marshall”, not sure which and the basic story line was a plane crashes with 78 people including almost all of the football team, coaches and fans of a college. It goes on to show how they rebuild and the town and people heal after such a tragic accident. It got me to think about losing a child or a parent. So sad!! I will say however, I’m an absolute baby when it comes to tear jerkers. Yes, I have been known to cry at commercials. It also blows my mind to think that some day my daughter will be helping make movies and special effects, hopefully not a lot of sad ones. 

I texted my mom to see if she was hungry for lunch and found out she had some nausea. I offered to bring her medicine. I didn’t plan on staying most of the afternoon or I would have eaten first, but it worked out. I got to meet one of her nurses that came to help “tourcher” her. Not really, but it causes her a lot of pain and a little more since she could not keep some of her medicine down that morning. She re-bandaged her knee and measured her progress. The hardest part was when she had to use this tool that lines up with each part of the leg with a dial in the center to know what angle mom can bend her knee too. Mom has to hold it for a bit and it’s not fun.  She also pressed it to help stretch it out more so hence the term “tourcher”.  I talked to her about different things to distract her. She told me that her favorite art piece of Caley’s was a poster she did for a school function. I had almost forgotten about that one, but mom had not. That’s the one she shows to people and has it saved in her phone. 

Caley sent us this beautiful painting that she did for class. It took her 13 hours and 4 cups of coffee. 😳 It looks like it would have gone faster with a pen, but I’m sure that was not part of the assignment. She says it was inspired by Indians. Pretty amazing stuff and I love seeing her artwork. I know I can’t keep them all, but sometimes I want too. Someday her work will be on display for all to see and if it’s only in my living room, that’s ok too!!  She did an amazing colored pencil drawing for Dad for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. It looks so real that it looks brighter than the original picture she drew it from. 

Art Assignment inspired by Indians

Came home to make some dinner, talk to some clients and eventually late at night, pack. I’m leaving for South Dakota tomorrow morning early. I really should be in bed, but I’m not yet. I’m only going for a few days, but I still have to make sure I have everything from cloths to makeup to training materials and my computer. When I checked in early this morning for some reason Delta did not have me on pre-check for my flights so I’m going to have to print my ticket in the morning at the terminal, which I never do. If you plan on doing any amount of constant travel, pay for the pre-check processing. That was the best $85 I have spent for travel!  Saves me so much time getting to the gate and through security. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time to get to the gate and I would have missed flights if it weren’t for pre-check. Another travel tip is to wear your bulky cloths like jeans and heels/boots and pack the rest. Takes up less room in the suitcase and not as heavy. Well, I need some sleep since I have to leave the house at 6am for my flight. 

Dad’s Christmas Present

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