Snap Happy Day

I really like staying in Airbnb’s, most of the time that is. After a good nights sleep I woke up bright an early to go to breakfast with Keith, the owner of a real estate firm here in Rapid City, SD. This mornings class marked the 33 state for me to teach in and the class went well. We had a talkative one that finally settled down toward the end.

During a break Caley snapped me and then she sent me one that just made my day! To see her smiling face was wonderful! Nice surprise and of course I sent her one back!

Kiss from Caley
Lunch was fun with Heather, then back to the office for class. I don’t like starting late for class, but sometimes it happens with traffic. Of course their traffic is not what most people consider “traffic”. Afternoon class was a little rowdy and required some realing in. Over all good sessions and then Keith took me to a nice local steak place. We talked for an hour or so as we swapped real estate stories and the occasional political comment.

When I made it back to my Airbnb I visited with my host, Amber for a while. It is nice to learn she will be visiting Tulsa soon! I told her maybe I should host people on Airbnb at my house. She said she would be happy to come stay with us.  I told her about all kinds of things! She asked about my bracelet so I read her the story of Rustic Cuff and she is so excited, loved them, showed her the website and she is ready to order some!! Part of the RC story is about re-gifting and giving cuffs to other people. I just felt moved to give her one, so I did! Not one that was from the kids, but one I bought. Simple and sweet. I made a new friend who is also a photographer and she owns a boutique shop here in Rapid City.  So cool!

Finished off the evening talking to Will and texting the kids (all 3: Caley, Nick and Jacob). After all I’m in Jacob’s time zone, so I had to check in! Looking forward to the morning, but not the time I have to get up! Keith is taking me to Mount Rushmore for breakfast! Wow, that is so cool! I will have to post pictures. Off to bed because 5:45am is going to come really early!


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