Breakfast at Mt Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Started out with an amazing morning at Mount Rushmore.  Since Rapid City is not far from there, Keith picked me up early (6:30am) to head up that way.  It was a perfect day, not too cold, not to windy or hot.  Nice views on the way and slowed down a few times for the deer that were not at all concerned about cars on the road.  It was a spectacular view once we made it into the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  Learned something interesting.  Did you know that the eyeball for George Washington is 16 Feet Tall?  I’m 1/3 the size of the inside of the eye, wow!  It is so amazing to think people climbed up on the mountain and carved and chipped away to reveal 4 presidential faces.  We went to have breakfast and ended up eating not he patio because the main restaurant had the governor of SD coming for an event.  The “Buffalo Run” was going on around the time I was there.  I had no idea what that was before the trip, but soon learned that they herd the buffalo and vaccinate them and according to locals thousand’s of people come from all over to watch this event.  When I told Keith I wanted to visit Mount Rushmore I never expected him to take me up there for breakfast one morning before class!

Also got a text from Nick that today was Swift’s funeral.  Such a sad thing and Nick wanted to attend.  I called him out of school so he could attend the services since the rest of us could not with Caley in GA, I was in SD and Will at work.  He said that it was a nice service and he saw people from school that had graduated over the last few years.  I was a little disappointed I was out of town and unable to go just like I’m sure Caley was too.  #SwiftStrong

After a few quick selfies, pictures of the fabulous view and a visit to the gift shop we hit the road and headed to the office.  Made it just in time to start class.  The morning session went good and Keith attended that session as well.  As soon as that one was over I reviewed some things on the admin side for the next 2 hours.  We got a lot done but toward the end of our time, I got a call from Nick.  It makes me nervous some times when the kids “call”.  I know it shouldn’t, but I have had several calls like this and I can’t help but worry about my kids.  I just had one of the gut feelings on this one too.  He had been hit by a lady going to fast in the parking lot of the school.  I asked to talk with her and is readily admitted fault and promptly accepted responsibility.  She was also very short with me and told Nick she was “in a hurry”.  It wasn’t a lot of damage, but she crinkled the front side of his car pretty good.  The frustrating part is that we have it listed for sale.  I guess that will be another thing to deal with tomorrow.

Made it to the airport after a stop at Applebee’s for lunch.  I was a little nervous about getting to the gate on time, but I made it and just fine even with the pre-check line shut down.  That means I have to take out the computer and liquids, which I typically pack in the bottom.  Oh well, small airports do that sometimes.  Another flight to Minneapolis and thank goodness not another 10 hours in that airport!  Short layover and then plane home!!

When the plane landed I got a text from Keith that was really sweet.  I don’t think anyone has ever said such nice things to me after I have completed a training.  Learned on my adventure to find my car in the airport parking lot that they will actually give you a card that tells you where your car is and will take you to it in the shuttle.  Learn something new everyday!  Typically someone takes me to the airport and picks me up so I don’t have to leave a car there.  Don’t have an extra driver that can help out with Caley gone and my mom down from surgery still.  Happy to be back home!  Will got in trouble a little bit, because he left my furry babies (two boxers) outside for the last few days.  They normally stay in the house most of the time.  We recently put the crate in Caley’s room because they make noises and have a little gas at night sometimes.  Looking forward to breakfast with Will tomorrow and then I will be showing houses tomorrow and probably Saturday or Sunday too.  Need some sleep so I can function tomorrow, besides you know you have been up and going too long when you outlast your Apple Watch!


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