Average Friday

Started the day with breakfast with my hubby.  It is wonderful to be home and just have a morning with him.  We like to go to First Watch in Tulsa and we had the pleasure of having one of our favorite servers too.  He remembers what we like to drink and is very attentive.  One of our friends was “maybe” going to join us and as happens sometimes doesn’t show. Such was the case today, we missed seeing him, but one of these days he will stop standing us up, just wish it was sooner than later.  After breakfast we stopped by the River Spirit Casino.  Since we have been there before we wanted to see what they did on the new expansion area.  While there we decided to play a little.  Let’s just say, we came out ahead and that is the best way to leave any casino.

Everyday when I put on my jewelry I think about what I want to wear.  This morning I was thinking about Caley.  She may not remember or maybe I didn’t tell her, but I have these earrings that Will bought me when I had her.  For each of the kids, when they were born, Will bought me earrings, neckless and a ring with their birthstone.  I have an opal set for Caley and a pearl set for Nick.  Today I wore the opal heart earrings so I could have her close to me because sometimes that’s all it takes.

Opal’s for Caley

In the afternoon I showed houses.  We went through some investment homes and one was a no go and the other two they are still discussing so we will see.  Some areas of town are not the best but that’s why they are investment properties because you can make money on renting them out.

Came home and it was time for a grocery store trip so Will and I hopped in the car and we were off.  We picked up lunch stuff and a few other things, just a regular day.  Only difference is less people to feed.  After our little Wal-Mart run it was time to relax and hang out.

Nick went to the HS football game tonight and then went to stay with a friend.  This was good because he is not always one to stay with others or go to a lot of social school events.  He is getting out of his shell a little.  Love that boy and I’m glad he is getting out in the world a little more and hanging out with friends more.  I’m sure he will have fun with Cody and at the fair tomorrow.


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