Call from College and a Package to Go

Started out the day just hanging out with Will.  Nick was gone to a friend’s so we had the house to ourselves.  Netflix has been our friend lately.  While we were just hanging out in the living room, Caley called!  She was a little frantic because she got a check from her school.  This is one of those times when being a kid meets growing up.  She was a little upset because when I told her the money was overage from the student loans and school tuition.  The part that didn’t make since to her was feeling it was going to cost more money in interest.  We explained that the student loans can also include some living expenses, books and supplies sometimes.  Interest on student loans are lower than other loans and she can use that for books next semester or things that she needs for school.  The other part was about how to use a credit union co-op.  We have an account at a credit union and I didn’t know that credit unions all over the US have agreements so people can deposit and withdraw fund at a co-op credit union connected to your own.  It’s pretty cool and I have used it sometimes when traveling and works good.  Sometimes they do put a hold on checks that you deposit, so I have learned from my own credit union that it is better to also have a copy of the check you are depositing.

While we were talking to Caley we asked to see her room because she told us she re-arranged a little.  After some encouragement she reluctantly agreed, only because her room was messy.  It’s not like we have not seen her room messy before!  The room looked more useable from the first arrangement and we saw her new rug they bought.

A little later we had to go to the Apple Store to have them check my phone.  It is dyeing at an alarming rate then comes back on with 40% power, so frustrating!  They ran a diagnostic and learned that it was my software so now I need to wipe out the phone and restore it.  At best I will wipe it and it will come back on the restore without the problem and at worst, I will have to “start from new”.  If I do have to start form a new one, then on the up side, I won’t have a memory problem.  So after the Apple Store we went to find a new store in the mall called ThinkGeek and wow.  They had all kinds of ‘geeky’ stuff.  They had a lot of pop’s and of course, Will wanted one and they were buy 3 get one free so we had to have 4. We ended up sending tons of pictures to Caley because they had cool Harley Quinn stuff and Darth Vader stuff!  Caley likes Harley and Vanessa (her roommate) likes Vader.  We also found some Vader ice trays and a few other fun things to send in the next care package.

One the way back home the OU game started so I found a radio station that was playing the game.  We got home in time to see most of the game.  It had some ups and downs and Will was getting a little frustrated, but in the end OU won against TCU.  While the game was going on I worked on the garage to finish up the area that needed to be completed in order to fit both Will’s and my car in the garage at the same time.  There has been a “craft” box in the garage for years (came from the other house).  I finally went through it today and strangely enough more than half of it was trash.  Why didn’t I do that sooner?  There are always things that we put off in life and sometimes it makes you feel better to just take care of it and not ignore it until you have to deal with it.  Speaking of that, now I have some donation boxes to take care of on Monday.  In order to not forget to them, I’m putting them in my car so I can’t ‘ignore’ them.  

Also made some cookies today toward the end of the game so I could send them out to some certain kids.  Will thinks I made them because Jacob sent me a chat showing he is almost out of cookies, but he is the one that asked me to make them the other day.  Since the game was stressing Will a little, I thought it best to make yummy chocolate chips.  This time I put 2 1/2 cups of flour.  Last time I used 2 and was not happy with the results.  I packaged up some cookies and have both Jacob’s and Caley’s packages almost ready to go.  Of course I can’t seal them until I go to the post office because what if I need to add something?  I already have a list of “don’t forgets” for Caley’s.  Since I have the boxes from the post office, they will be ready to go come Monday!

Almost ready to ship!

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