Do you ever get up in the morning and just feel like you want to accomplish something?  Today was one of those days.  I’ve had some papers laying around for too long and miscellaneous things that needed some attention.  Went through the stack of papers (mostly mail) and toward the bottom was a small envelope.  Before we took Caley to college I told her she had to write thank you notes to everyone or I was not taking her to college, it may sound a little drastic, but thank you notes are important!  I learned that lesson the hard way.  I didn’t send thank you notes after my wedding and one of my grandmother’s would not talk to me for a while after she griped me out for not sending one to her.  It was a big family blow out at the time, but in my defense (really isn’t one) she gave me a comforter that was not wrapped and the card fell off.  Anyway, I’m it taught me a lesson that thank you notes are important and should be remembered.

So back to my cleaning.  I find the thank you note Caley wrote Will and I before she left.  Will read it before we left for Savannah, but I just was not ready.  She said the sweetest things like she would not be following her dreams if it weren’t for us and how we were great parents.  It made me cry a little.  I placed it on my dresser so I could read it any time I miss her.  It’s funny how when you read words that people have written you that you hear their voice saying them when you read it.

During the cleaning process I also made notes of things I needed to add to Caley and Jacob’s packages.  So much for sending a small one for Jacob, I could not help myself.  I can’t get in the car and go see them in a weekend or have them over for dinner so I feel like I need to send more than just “cookies”, even if they are home made from scratch.  I had to go to Walmart to get a few things to add to the boxes.  Only have 1 thing I can’t fit in the box for Caley and it is not a big deal.  Will wanted me to send her another Pop figure, but I already have 2 in the box.  I started out just sending Caley her Apple TV and Jacob cookies and a trip to the store and larger box later they will both be happy with their presents.  When I was going through the store I passed through the candy isle and found Hershey “Hugs” and “Kisses” and since I can’t actually give them hugs and kisses in person, might as well buy some I can send their way.

Hugs and Kisses from home

My dad came over and switched out freezers.  We had a small one and he had a larger one and wanted the smaller one to make it into a beer freezer or something like that.  He likes to brew beer.  We didn’t fill the one we had, but we had a place we could put it, so what the heck.  It has to get cold before we can really put anything in it.  Well, I guess this means I can buy more food for when we have family and friends over.  We do have a an “all you can eat” household, so it should work good for us.

Made a meatloaf tonight for dinner along with fresh cut green beans, baby carrots and rolls.  I tried a new recipe and it was really good!  I have had really good luck with website (and app) and they have some great ideas.  It was a normal dinner until I went to put the rolls in the toaster over and realized I put too many on the tray.  Our number is now 3 while Caley is away at college.  Food may last longer though because that girl can eat! Don’t let her fool you, she may be small, but she can put down some food.  Well, I guess I better wipe my phone and go to bed while it resets.


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