Monday Mania

Had a little bit of a stressful morning worrying about all of the travel and trips I’m about to take, but I think I have everything worked out which makes it less stressful.  Packages were safely shipped!!  I’m getting to know the post office staff and becoming a pro and getting these packages ready.  After the post office, stopped by to see my mom.  She is doing much better and her knee is looking better.  She is getting around without the walker now and has more movement back in her leg.  Mom has also discovered that she is allergic to the pain medicine which is not fun because it was making her sick so she stopped taking them and is going with Tylenol.  She asked how Caley was doing and I told her all about the packages I sent to her and Jacob.  She wants to know the next time I send something so I can send something from grandma too.

Stopped by my Grandma Betty’s house as well.  We visited for a while and she also asked about Caley.  She was sad about going to 2 funeral’s last week and missed a third.  I told her she didn’t need to worry and that she was going to live to be 100.  Her response was “that’s not that far away”.  Made me a little sad to think of her not being here because I will be a basket case when I don’t have her to go visit!  We had a nice conversation about random things like a TV show she likes to watch and a video of her and her friends doing aerobics when her gym opened in the 80’s.  She said that she could not believe they did those exercises.  I checked her mail for her before leaving and kissed her goodbye.

Came back to the house and had to get prepared for the two meetings I had this evening.  The first one was the Sandite Senior Celebration meeting where we are preparing for the our event at the end of the year, which I serve as the co-facilitator for.  The second one was the Sand Springs Park Board meeting for the Sand Springs Softball Association, which I serve as the President for.

The 1st meeting went well and it was short and sweet.  We are getting things together and organizing our fundraising efforts.  We have about $30K+ to raise, which sounds like a lot and since we raised $47K last year we know it can be done!  Nick came to the meeting which is good because I like it when he does things I ask nicely about.  It will help him too, because he gets tickets that he can use to win big prizes the night of Senior Celebration.  As an added bonus, he gave me a kiss on the cheek before he left, so sweet!  We have the volunteers for the main positions so we can really start getting more done!

The 2nd meeting was not that great.  It was supposed to be a meeting for each of the clubs in the Sand Springs Parks to give an update, which I came prepared for and gave a report.  What I was afraid that might happen did.  They attacked me about the condition of the fields which we are aware of and working on, but it was not nice the way they did it.  I didn’t make excuses and explained what we had done so far.  After we were done with the club portion of the meeting, the club leaders left and visited for a bit outside.  The other 3 club representatives were shocked by the way they went after me while recognizing how well I maintained my cool.  Even with the direct firm words, I held my own and answered in a professional manner and didn’t come back with a counter attack even when one of the board members suggested to “shut down softball”!  My training skills came in handy, but then I had to remember this was not my class room.  I could not take it personal the “chatting” in the room that in my opinion is complete disrespect to an instructor or in this case, a speaker.  Once you get used to those skills, it is hard to turn it off.  Glad I handled it the way I did, but as usual Will has some really great come backs on things I could have said.  One of the reasons that Will and I make a great couple is we complement each other very well.


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