Oops Wrong Person

I showed a house for the second time today. They are getting closer to making an offer, just one more visit with a contractor because it is an investment property. Ran an errand or two in town and took care of my boy. Nick stayed home sick today not feeling well. I made him soup and even a grill cheese and tomato soup, one of his favorites. 

Chatted with Caley a few times. Ok, so I know I’m not the only one that has done this or had it done to them, but have you ever sent or received a text meant for someone else? To the sender it’s embarrassing and to the receiver it’s confusing. So Caley did that to me today, sent me a text meant for Jacob. 😐 The text goes like this “So apparently the guy that went up on the sidewalk was a professor and he confronted me outside 😩😩😩”. I’m thinking, what does that mean? And confronted her about what so I ask her and she says that there was an “almost accident” including her on her bike and some cars that didn’t see her. I can see why she may not have wanted to tell us, kind of freaked me out a bit. The thought of her getting in any kind of accident and not being able to get to her quickly is scary!  I never thought about her getting into a “bike” accident, but now I will!  Oh and her side of the story is they didn’t see her and slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting her and so did another car behind them that went on the curb and that person was the professor. Apparently he thought it was more Caley’s fault. Who knows, but now I have to think about bike accidents. 

Since Savannah is a coastal city we also have to watch the weather for hurricanes, which being in OK, tornados don’t scare us, but hurricanes include water and do a loot of damage. When people ask me about the tornadoes I tell them that people in OK just stand outside and look for them, which we do until the sky turns green and that’s when you take shelter. 
Had a friend over to stay the night, she is our first non-family person to stay in Caley’s room since she left for college. I have stayed at her house several times and it was nice for her to be able to come stay with me! Beth is a trainer like myself and we have become good friends over the years. She trains different subjects and classes than I do, but we have a lot of things in common. Hot Tub Tuesday was fabulous fun with great conversation and 1 glass of wine. Morning will come early becaus I have to teach in OKC in the morning. 


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