Virtual Spectating

Morning came early and I was off to OKC to teach. Had a good class, even though I was a little sleep deprived from staying up too late. While I was in the area I stopped to visit a friend that moved back to OK recently.  She is at one of the other Keller Williams offices located in Norman. Toured the new location and had a quick lunch with her then hit to road home. 

Made it home just in time to see Will for a few minutes before heading out to have dinner with Beth who stayed with me last night. Took her to Texas Roadhouse in Tulsa Hills, finally one closer than the other one in town!  Great conversation and wonderful food, couldn’t ask for a better time. Took Will a steak to go and headed home. 

Jacob got is package today and he was pretty excited and surprised I sent as much stuff as I did. Caley said he wanted some tea and he liked the kind I make at home. So I sent him a coffe cup, tea, tea strainer, sugar, honey and instructions. Along with the cookies I had made.  He sent me a very nice thank you text. Caley could not get her package because the mail department was closed at SCAD because of the weather. They may be evacuated, but not sure yet. 

Caley sent us a text that Jacob was playing soccer and they were streaming it live on YouTube! Wow, we would finally get to see him play! We had a movie going, but paused it to watch some of the game. Tried to find him on the field then found out he had not gone in yet. Caley told us his number so we could look for 22. Once I saw him go in I knew that was him! Can’t mistake his “flowy hair” as Will put it. 😳 A little more into the game Will saw him get called for off sides and later gave him a hard time in our family text group. It was all in fun! They won 4-0!  It is pretty amazing that in today’s world we can have a conversation with Jacob in CO, Caley in GA and the rest of us in OK (well sometimes I’m home). 

22 Jacob playing Mid Field

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