Distraction Please

Started out the day checking email and getting ready for an appointment.  Then I get a text message from Caley that says they are evacuating SCAD.  We knew this was a possibility with Hurricane Mathew on it’s way, but there is always hope it would dissipate.  My heart just sank at the thought of her being in harms way.  I had to look up where the hurricane was and the news.  Also texted a friend in Savannah to ask he was and he told me the town is on a mandatory evacuation, that didn’t help my nerves.  Continued getting ready and had to look nice for my afternoon appointment.

The client I was showing homes to are also the parents of one of Caley’s friends from high school.  I told them about her being evacuated and they wished her a safe trip.  After that I headed to run an errand then met with Congressman Jim Bridenstine.  I meet with him on a regular basis because I am his FPC (Federal Political Coordinator) for NAR (National Association of REALTORS®.  I had a nice visit and it was a good distraction to the thought of how Caley was doing.

When I checked the mail, there was a package from Caley in it! She had sent the Apple TV that she had that was not working right home and I had sent her another one in the package she can’t get from the mail dept because of weather. She even wrote a note on it to say she loved and missed us!

I have been constantly chatting and texting with her all day. It’s a little nerve racking knowing she is 15 hours away and being moved from the school.  She is fine and still on a bus being taken to Atlanta.  A normal 4 hour drive has turned into 8-10 hour drive.  Everyone is leaving the coast and headed inland so they can get away from the hurricane.  From what I know, they had to be down to meet about 11am, took several hours to load the buses and finally got on the road at 2pm.  They packed them lunches for the ride and also stopped for dinner and gas.  From what Caley says, about 3,900 kids had to be bussed out of SCAD Savannah. At 12:30pm EST they are still on the road and just a little over have way there.

Love those snaps!

This evening Will and I went to the Phillbrook Museum which I’m not sure we have ever been to.  It was fun and we didn’t stay very long, and I took pictures of things and sent them to Caley.  They had some modern Indian fashion outfits on display.  Then we went to have dinner together.  Sent a quick snap to her with a menu of the place we went to eat.  The last time we went there was with Caley and she suggested it.  Nice little Italian place on Cherry Street.

Throughout the entire day, I was looking for distractions to get through it.  Every time the phone buzzed or rang I looked for it to be her keeping me updated.  I looked forward to every update while trying to give her a little space. Not sure if Caley knows, but she has a special vibration on my phone for her texts, that way without even looking at the phone I know it is her.  While she is still on the road, I expect a text or phone call in the middle of the night for when she arrives at home.


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