It was homecoming today and so I had some things to do to get ready.  Since I was helping with Senior Celebration, one of the events is selling turkey legs at homecoming.  Part of that was cooking them.  Robin wrapped them earlier this morning and then I went over to the church where we were cooking them and drained the juices off of them with 2 other mom’s.  We loaded them in a cooler and into my car.  Before the game was some homecoming festivities while I was setting up.  Once everything was set up and the game was about to start, please started coming in.  Since I had made a post on Facebook about Caley being evacuated to Atlanta several people were asking about her.  I saw her 1st teacher from pre-kindergarten and she asked about Caley.  She said to tell her hello and I said, let’s send her a picture!  I took a selfie with her and then sent it to Caley.  Her 1st softball coach also asked how she was.  I texted Caley to tell her all the people that asked about her.  She thought it was so sweet.

Football games in your home town are fun and you tend to bump into people you know from years ago and from just around town.  I like living in a smaller community where you know a lot of people.  Really hope Caley enjoys her little “adventure” in Atlanta and everything is ok in Savannah, GA.


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