Team Spirit

So we get up this morning and start watching the OU football game.  The game was a little on edge, but OU came out on top with a 45-40 win over Texas in Red River Rivalry game.  During the game I was searching on my phone to find out about the damage from the hurricane Mathew.  I found some videos and pictures.  Oh the trees, it’s so sad to see all the trees down.  We loved to go walking through the parks and “squares” in Savannah. The kids don’t know what the damage is yet either.  The roads are closed to everyone but emergency responders so they can’t go back now anyway.  I texted a friend that lives in Savannah as well.  He told me that they had decided to stay in their home and wait it out.  They made it through fine with just a little damage to the roof, a broken window and a few other minor things.

I texted Caley and was a little worried when she didn’t reply at 2ish in the afternoon.  I called, no answer so I did the next best thing…..text the boyfriend.  I know, maybe mom shouldn’t be worried like that and she is an adult now.  Talking to Jacob helped ease my mind because he told me she had stayed up all night long and didn’t go to sleep until about noon today.  Well, that explains why she was not answering.  I guess the plan was for them to sleep on the bus on the way back.  They were not going back to SCAD Savannah today because no one can go back yet because of the damage.  Instead of answering “mom” when she woke up, she sent a message to dad and a picture showing she was sporting her OU shirt to show her Oklahoma spirit.  I’m really glad she has that daddy-daughter connection.

After the game was over, we took Nick to get a hair cut and to the mall.  Nick actually agreed to go with us, this is good step.  He is more the home body type.  First mission was get him a hair cut, it was getting pretty long and a little out of hand.  He had a different cut done this time and it looks good on him.  We will see how it likes it.  Since we went to the mall we stopped by the ThinkGeek store to show Nick since he didn’t go with us last time.  Of course Will found a few Pop’s he wanted for him, Nick and Caley.  They have a buy 3 get 1 free so of course we had to find another and so I found one for a friend that was looking for a particular one or two.  After that we were on our way.  We ordered pizza for dinner and watched a movie.

I talked to Caley a few times, once because she was having trouble with her debit card.  I don’t understand why Transfund doesn’t like it when you live in one state and have your mailing address in another, so they shut her card off every so often, which is no fun!  She also is having a little trouble getting her movies and iTunes on her computer, but we are working through it.  At least she I’m still a little needed, no matter how far away I am.

Will has work tomorrow so he went to bed and I was scrolling through the movies and saw “How to train your dragon” and just had to watch it.  You see it is the movie that inspired Caley to want to do computer animation and special effects in movies.  That movie sparked something inside her and it makes me feel closer to her to watch it, so late or not, I’m watching it. 🙂


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