Emotional Roller Coaster

First let me explain I have been a volunteer for many projects an organizations for years and the Sand Springs Softball Association is one that I hold dear in my heart.  In 2008 the City of Sand Springs decided they would no longer be running the park and wanted the parents and volunteers to take it over.  At the time Caley was playing and I could not stand the thought of her not being able to play in our home town.  I knew how to organize and lead a volunteer program but had no knowledge of softball outside of watching my girl and being a parent of a player for a few years.  Three of us stepped up to start the Sand Springs Softball Assocation to take care of the park for our youth softball players.  I was the VP for the first 6 months and then stepped up to be President in 2009 and have been that ever since.  It has been 8 years since SSSA was founded and 7 of being president.  I’ve been through many ups and downs and we started with a $50 donation and are now a 501c3 non-profit organization.  We have been in the positive every year since our beginning.  Since Caley is off to college and no longer playing it has become more of challenge to juggle SSSA with travel and normal life.  It takes many hours of volunteering and work to run the park and I have had many great board members over the years that together we have made a great program!  Will has wanted me to give it up for years since Caley finished her softball career with high school softball.  He is right in that it has taken a lot of my time and I don’t have a kid that plays anymore.  I just wasn’t ready to give it up until now, which leads me to the call.

Started out the day with a phone call from a past board member for the Sand Springs Softball Association.  It was Kassy who served as a board member for several years, but not this past one.  She no longer has a kid that plays, but like me has a passion to make SSSA great!  She called to tell me that she was willing to take it on if I was ready to go.  At first I thought I might want to stay as the VP to just make sure things were still going to run and I could be a part of it, but I talked to my mom and she said some things that maid since.  It will be harder to make a break if I don’t just let it do and step out.  What has kept me involved is that I wanted someone I could trust with my “volunteer baby” to take care of it.  I’m the last founding member left on the board for SSSA.  It really is hard to give up something that you have built, babied and been passionate about for such a long time.  

Shortly after that call was another call but this one from Caley telling me about an email she received from SCAD about going back to class and how they would have limited resources and if they are able to go home, they were encouraging it.  I jumped at the chance to bring my baby home!  Emediately went searching for flights from Atlanta to Tulsa on Southwest.  Found a flight and they still had a great price for the same day, wow!!  If she didn’t make it home today, I would not even get to see her when she came home because I’m off to another city tomorrow.  She wanted to make sure her roommate would be ok and offered for her to come to our house if she wanted.  She gave me the go ahead and ticket was purchase!!  I am going to see my baby today!  

Back to things to get done today.  I had to prepare for the softball meeting and talk with the rest of the board members.  Went to the meeting at 3pm and things went well.  I wore my SSSA shirt for the last time and we had elections, I nominated Kassy to President and the rest of the offices were soon filled.  I elected not to stay on the board.  It was a hard decision and another previous and returning board member Mark acknowledged Chris and I for all of our work and time we have dedicated to SSSA over the years.  Chris was worked on fields for as long as I have been on the board.  We were both stepping away and moving on to other things.  I have to admit, I cried a little.  It was not easy.  I have been there since the beginning and been through a complete roller coaster of issues and solutions.  To make it grow, it’s time for some fresh faces to take over and have their time.  I posted a Facebook message to say goodbye.  I actually feel pretty at piece about it now, just had to sink in a little.  

I could hardly concentrate on packing just thinking about getting to see Caley!  It’s hard to believe my girl is coming home! Bags packed, nails done, toes done and just waiting on the time to pass until I can pick her up.  Took Nick to the store for a few things then dropped him off at home and I was off to the airport!  I checked the flight status close to the airport and realized her plane landed early, had to be there.  I knew her phone was about dead when I talked to her before the last flight so I could not tell her I was there, but she knew I would be.  Parked and patiently waited to for people to slowly come out the doors, then I saw her, pillow and all!  I jumped out of the car and greeted her at the curb with a hug!  I held her hand most of the way home as she told me all about her adventures in Savannah and Atlanta.  

When we got home all I wanted to do is hold her!  We talked a while and she even shot her brother with a nerf gun she got in Atlanta.  Dad was still up so she gave home a hug and talked a little bit with him before he went to bed.  We were talking about her return flight and figured that we could have her fly into Charleston, SC and it would be closer than Atlanta because she will then have to take a bus ride after the flight.  We found another flight that leaves on Sunday instead of Friday so I can actually spend the weekend with her before she leaves, well a day at least!  She is taking me to the airport in the morning, but we could not help ourselves.  Ended up staying up until about 2am and my flight leaves at 5:55am!

Mother Daughter Hugs!

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