One Long Day

So missed my girl and having her home! I know I can’t keep her home because she must grow up and follow her dreams. It sure was nice to see her this morning! Of course Dinozo, our cat, went right back to sleep and cuddle with Caley last night. She got up at 5am to take me to the airport and it was fabulous! Granted 5am is not my favorite, especially after 2 hours of sleep when you factor in getting ready. I held her hand most of the way because even though she will be home, I won’t. 

Two flights and 2 hours of driving later, I made it to Omaha, NE. On the way the last 30 minutes was tough so I called mom to talk to her on the way. Upon arriving at my Airbnb, they welcomed me in and we chatted for at least an hour or so. Got settled in and prioritized my needs: food, shower, sleep, two down and one to go!  I have outlasted my watch and it still says I’ve been up for 18 hours. 

We found out today that SCAD is going to extend the school days to make up the time lost because of the hurricane. It’s going to look like this, send her back to school until Thanksgiving week. Off the week of Thanksgiving and then back to school for finals for a week. We may not get to have her home that Thanksgiving week. The cost of flights is high and bus time is ridiculous so it may be better for us as a family, even though it will be hard, for her to stay. She should get lots of good study time in for her finals. Some of the parents on the SCAD parent Facebook are a little worked up. It’s amazing how well organized SCAD has been and how great they have taken care of our kids! I admit I was worried and not sure how things would go, but they have a plan and no matter what Mother Nature does, SCAD is prepared! Thank you for taking good care of my baby and as a Freshman mom, it gives me a since of security knowing, “You have GOT my girl in good times and in difficult ones too!”

Yes, Caley is home now, but I saw this picture taken a few days ago in SCAD Atlanta during the evacuation on the parent page and had to share, so cute!

Hallway Monopoly

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