The Place to Be

Another busy day!  I taught in Sioux City, IA today.   I find it strange that I slept in South Dakota and drove just 4 miles to the office in Iowa.  We had a fun couple of classes today.  Morning session was mostly about KW technologies and I don’t teach that as often as I used to, so it was a good change of pace.  Nick got a little irritated at me today, but he caused it, so I didn’t feel bad.  I texted him and told him to get up and around the morning and of course, he was late to school.  When he called and wanted me to “clear” him for his tardy, I could not answer because class had started so he had to go to ISI (in house suspension), until I called the school.  I’m sorry, but serves him right for being late to school.  Maybe he will learn his lesson and get his butt up! 

The afternoon class was a little more packed than the morning class.  Training in the middle of the bull pen area is not my favorite and causes its own challenges, but we made it work today.  Even though I was teaching at a Keller Williams office, we had some guests from another company and they were their to learn about DotLoop too.

After class Kacy and I headed out to Des Moines.  Strangely enough we were both going the same direction, but we both had to drive separate cars, so it’s not like we could visit the entire trip.  We stopped at the whole in the wall place that was pretty good.  It is the first time I have ever walked through a laundry mat to get to a restraunt, yes I said laundry mat!  It was called “The Place” and it was “the place” to get some hometown cooking.  I had some ribs and the BBQ sauce was not what I was used to, but it was good.  After a 3 hour drive, we made it to Des Moines.

I talked to Caley and Will a little on the way.  Caley talked about going to see her grandma, my mom, today and have lunch with her.  Mom had been asking about her and since Caley is home, she can go see her.  I suggested she go visit my grandma and dad reminded me that she still has some school projects to work on and that she does not have to go see everyone.  He is right, I just didn’t want her to be board or feel like she was stuck at home while everyone else was gone.  She does have the cat, Dinozo, and he defiantly loves her!  I’m pretty sure he likes girls more than guys, even though we rescued him for Will.  Strange how that happened.

Grandma Dona and Caley

Tomorrow the HS softball team goes to play in the state tournament.  Caley’s class also went to state and placed runner up last year, which was the best any team has done form her school.  They are doing the send-off in the morning.  I have mixed emotions about this.  I’m happy for them, mostly.  It brings up old feelings of how Caley was treated at the state games and that just makes my blood boil.  Caley is not upset or mad and does not have any hard feelings so I’m trying really hard not to also…..but it’s hard!  You see Caley was not put into play as a Senior for the last 2 games of her softball career and that just makes me furious to think about.  According to the coach she didn’t want to “change” anything that was working because they won the 1st and 2nd games.  Caley only ran for someone on the 1st game.  How crappy is that?!  Ok, I’m trying to let this go….not very successfully.  I did tell Caley that if they win tomorrow and Friday and make it to state then I will go with her on Saturday to watch them.  I do like to watch the games and I will give up part of my ONLY day with Caley to go watch because that is something that she wants to do.  Anyway, it will be good for me to go, if for no other reason than I get to spend 2 hours in the car each way with my girl!!  I will be happy just spending time with her and the location won’t matter at all to me!


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