Casual Conversation

I’m really enjoying when Caley messages me and wants to talk.  No matter the subject, it is just nice.  Sometimes we talk about school, family, friend and other times it’s just random things like an article one of us found on the internet.  I know I’m the mom and I have to be a parent, but the nice part about her growing up is we can be more friends than parent/child.  I have one more day on the road and then I will get to spend all of Saturday with her!!  I can’t wait.  We need some mother-daughter time!

I spent the day training at the Keller Williams Des Moines office.  I like coming to that office because I have known so many of them for so long!  My friend Kacy owns the office and when she opened it, I helped train them on all things technology in Keller Williams.  They had more than their fair share of challenges starting out, but they made it through all of them and are a thriving office which is so great!  It’s nice to visit and office where agents will just come by the training room and wave to say hello while I’m teaching, but it can be a bit distracting sometimes.

Also remember why I really don’t like students having computers.  It’s not that fun as an instructor to look out into the room and see the tops of people’s heads and feel like no one is listening.  It is different when I’m directing them to look at something, but not when I’m talking.  It just makes me feel like I’m talking to no-one.  Anyway, most of the day was great.  One more day in Ankeny, IA then home to see the family.

Will, Nick and Caley went to eat at one of our favorite places to go as a family, just wish I could have joined them!  The went to the newly opened location in Tulsa Hill, Texas Roadhouse.  Love their steaks!  I had Caley send me a picture of the 3 of them so I could feel like I was there!

Love my Family!

Caley and I are trying to decide what we want to do tomorrow together.  Right now the top votes seem to be massages and Pinot’s Palette, which both sound great!  Well, I guess I better get to sleep so the morning will come faster and the sooner I will get to see my girl!!


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