Day with Mom

So I didn’t mean to exclude the rest of the family, but the boys had her most of the week and we made some “girl plans”.  First on the agenda was sleeping in for a bit.  Then we watched most of the OU game with Will.  Caley had not gotten to see an OU game all season, so that was fun.  We sported our OU shirts to show our team spirit!  They won, which we were happy about.  Before it was over, we had to go to our Pinot’s Palette appointment.  We painted a harvest pumpkin with a few birds on a stem and leaves.  We had fun and were the last ones working on their paintings because we wanted it to be just so.  I mean come on, Caley is an artist so she wants it to look a certain way and I’m a bit of a perfectionist on some things.  It’s interesting how we painted the same thing, but they both look different.  

Painting Fun!

After our artistic adventure we were off to the mall.  We had on done much shopping in a while and we had a mission to return a few things, have a store take off a security tag they missed and find some things for Caley’s costume.  At SCAD Halloween is a BIG deal.  They all make their own costumes and dress up and even have a masquerade ball.  Sounds so cool, she is so excited about it.  We found a few pieces, but she still needs a few others.  She will be dressing up as Cruella DeVille.  I’m going to have to pull out the picture of her when she was little and dressed up as Cruella then.  Not sure how she will feel about that, but hey, that’s what mom’s do….embarrass their kids!
We picked up Chinese take-out at a place in Tulsa we go to.  It’s nice when they know you when you come in!  After that it was dinner and a movie at home! Just relaxing at home laying on the couch was pretty nice!  I missed that, so I sat with her because after all, I have to take her to the airport tomorrow morning EARLY!! 


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