Another Goodbye

Love her kisses!

The morning came early and way to fast!  I had to have her at the airport around 5:30am and she wanted to take a shower, so I was on mom alarm clock duty!  Some how I didn’t mind it too much this time.  Of course Dinozo, the cat, has slept with her every night she has been home.  She is defiantly her “person”.  I think he likes girls more than boys because when she is not there, he sleeps at my feet.  After I dropped her off at the airport I really wanted sleep, so I crawled back in bed and slept for a few more hours.

Woke up to Will’s texts about leaving his work badge, ring and glasses at home.  After a bowl of cereal in the gazebo I headed to his work with his stuff.  Once I got there, I visited for just a bit and then I played a few games.  I should have gone with my first instinct to leave when I was up, but I let Will suggest another machine which didn’t like me as much and took my money.  Oh well, I don’t play with much and only go in with what I’m willing to loose, no more!

I went by to visit mom and see how she was doing.  Her leg is looking much better and she is walking around pretty good, no help and starting to get back to normal.  She still can’t drive, but won’t be long.  The picture Caley painted yesterday she wanted to give to Grandma Betty, so I stopped by and took it to her.  She absolutely loved it and we visited for a while.  I don’t want to miss any time with her.  I have 2 grandma’s left and she is definitely the “nicer” one and happens to be my favorite too.  Another stop at Will’s parents house to drop off a suite case for my niece to borrow for a trip she has coming up and then Sonic and home.  

Sonic turned into a bit of a pain because when I got the food I was putting one of the drinks in the back and the styrofoam cut broke and went all in the back floor board.  Let me tell you, Cherry Limeade is not what you want on your car!  I quickly tried to clean it up and get the “red” spots off the lighter part of the carpet.  I think I got most of it, but still need to clean it good later.  They wer nice to bring me more napkins and another drink.

Relaxing night with Will just watching a bit of TV ar home.  It almost felt like 2 days since I went back to bed in the morning.  I went to bed a lot later than I should have and made my list of things I needed to get done tomorrow before I leave.  It’s crazy how when you are gone, things pile up that you need to get done during the work day in town.  At least making the list made it easier to sleep and not feel like I would forget something.


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