Monday Mania

Ever have one of those days where you would like to sleep in, but can’t because you mind is racing about all the things you need to get done? That was this morning. I knew I had to get my day started, after all I had a 3:55pm flight and had not even packed yet. Started with my list of things I needed to do that I made the night before. Packed the suit case, laundry and house chores and of course, right about the time I need to leave Caley calls. She was working on getting the Apple TV set up, which I was glad she finally got. There was a network issue and I tried helping as much as I could while getting my things done. I finally told her to call Apple support to see if they could help her. She later texted me and said that she got if figured out and it had something to do with her college network.  

Ok, list of things to get done: stop by my office, post office, bank, shopping, cox and somewhere get food! I worked through breakfast, which is not normal for me! Love my breakfast and it just helps get me going for the day. Office took a few minutes because when I stop in and they have not seen me in a while, they want to visit. Post office was a breeze! I have a good thing going with the lady that works the front so I have the packages ready! Picked up a few more boxes and was off to the bank. Made the deposit for Caley. Oh, yesterday, Grandma Betty gave Caley the sweetest card. She didn’t get her a birthday card so she wrote on a blank card for her. Caley asked me to open it and send her a picture of it. I teared up ad what she had to say, it was so sweet. Again, my favorite Grandma!

Special Birthday Card

I have someone coming from CA to see me train in New Bern, NC which I’m excited about because I know this person. She works for the development team at Dotloop and we have webinars on a regular basis so I “see” her on the webinar, but I have never met her in person. She wants to see how I train and some of the questions and comments that happen in a real live Dotloop class. The last time someone came to one of my trainings it was her boss in CA. Not sure what it is, but when someone makes an extra effort to do something for me I feel like I need to give them something or do something for them, so I wanted to bring her something. I went to the Rustic Cuff store and they were having a sale on gift cards 1/2 price, oh yes! I bought the gift card and then turned right around and bought the gift for her so that made it less, win for sure! I also made her some earrings late last night or early this morning, whichever you want to call it. When I got home they didn’t quite match, so I fixed up some more. I hope she likes them. I don’t think is she is much of a “bling” person, so I got a more conservative bracelet for her.

Food, needed food at this point because it was now lunchtime! Chick-fil-A drive through is always busy, but they do get you through it pretty fast, must faster than Arby’s next door! Dropped off the Cox cable box I didn’t need anymore and my driving errands were done! Next I had to get my nails done and I would be ready to go. That took about 30 minutes or so. I have the stuff to do it at home and I’ve done it so much, it went by fast. I was cleaning up when my dad made it to the house to pick me up and take me to the airport. Since Nick was still at school and Will was at work, I asked David to take me. He was happy to because we had not gotten to spend any time together in a while.  

Made it to the airport early and picked up a Starbucks sweet tea and I was ready. So love flying Southwest! I had A2 on both flights today, which means I was the second person to board after the “pre-board” passengers. Didn’t realized I was going to 2 cities before my next flight. We went from Tulsa to Dallas, then to Houston where I change plans to Jacksonville. Once in Jacksonville I have to drive another hour and a half to Gainesville, FL. I expect to make it about 12:30am or 1am then up the next morning for training! I’m making good use of my fight time!


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