Preparation is the key

No matter what line of work or what area of life, preparation is the key to succeeding at a high level.  The morning started off pretty normal with a small exception that I was told that a “guest” from Dotloop was coming to watch part of my class.  She was not the first and won’t be the last because I have another person coming next week, which I’m excited about.  I was set up and ready to go with one little problem…the TV would not display my computer screen.  This was bad, normally I have a back-up plan of another type of connector, but this TV only had a HDMI input.  I tried trading out the cables and plugged my iPad into the TV and quickly noticed that it worked, but my computer would not.  Either my computer or the connector was not working.  Since I just used this connector the  day before I thought it was fine, but I soon figured out it was not.  I had no choice but to keep the class moving.  Luckily I only had 2 students and the guest.  I was so embarrassed that it would not work.  We huddled around my laptop and I made it work.  The students learned to use the system and it went OK, but I had 34 registered for the day so I had to make a change if more people showed up for the afternoon.

I finished up that class, looked up the closest Best Buy and was very thankful it was close.  Skipped eating and managed to get 2 options just in case.  I bought another HDMI adapter and a HDMI to VGA in case that didn’t work.  Made it back in time to get set up with the new cable and sure enough the new adapter worked.  Glad it was not my computer, but what I time for the connector to go out.  The afternoon class had lots more people which was good, and could have been a disaster of the adapter did not work.  All went good and the class went well.  I had a broker ask me about training their office and we weren’t about to work it out for this trip, but it built a relationship for the next time I come this way.

Since I didn’t eat lunch, I had to go through a drive through for a quick bite and then I was off to my Airbnb.  The couple I stayed with was very nice and their place was great!  It had a pool and hot tub which felt fabulous to take a swim.  After a relaxing night and then picking up some dinner I stayed up way to late and slept in a little since I didn’t have to be anywhere early.  I chatted with Caley a few times through the day and asked her about her day and what she had going on for the weekend.

I have a surprise for her tomorrow and I can’t wait, but I have been holding this one for over a month!!  I’m prepared to surprised her and it took some work to make this happen.

Cable Preparation

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