Successful Surprise!

Slept in a little and went to a place featured on “Dinners, Drive-Ins and Dives” called the Metro Dinner.  I sat outside and enjoyed a fruit waffle and a few eggs.  While sitting there I was texting Caley about her Halloween costume and what she still needed.  What she didn’t know was I had plans to go to Michael’s and look for what she needed.  She was thinking I would ship it to her.  I was scheduled to teach in Savannah her birthday, which is Monday!  Of course I wanted to come early and spend some time with her.  Since Hurricane Mathew came through and caused some of my trainings to be postponed, I had a few extra days.

With a full tummy I was off to Savannah and 2 hours later I stopped at the Michael’s in Savannah.  I texted her roommate, Vanessa, who told me that she was in class for a few more hours.  Since I could not see her yet anyway, no problem, shopping.  She got out of class about the same time that Will got off work.  He called me and I was almost to her dorm.  He called her with me on the phone (muted so she didn’t know) and he found out that she stopped at a place to get a smoothie across from the main SCAD building.  I drove that direction and parked the car.  While he was still talking to her, I texted him that I made it to where she was and he proceeds to tell her: “I’m sorry that you are away for your birthday, but I got you something.  Look around”  About that time I walked in and she saw me!  It was awesome.  She dropped the phone to give me a hug and started to tear up.  That was it, the moment we had waited for.  Even though Will didn’t get to come with me this trip, he was part of the surprise!  They talked for a little bit longer and we visited.  Then Will got off the phone and we chatted and went back to her dorm.

Finding Caley with Will on the phone!

Caley was on her bike so she road back and I drove.  She actually got there faster than I did because of the traffic.  I parked and walked up the 4 flights of stairs to her room.  Caley has been having problems with her Apple TV and her new printer we just sent her.  Of course, mom was going to look at them for her.  Well, I’m proud to say I fixed both of them!!  The printer she left some of the packing inside and it would not run with that in there.  The Apple TV I just messed with some of the settings and it started working on the WiFi.  What can I say, technology likes me.  I was happy to get them working for her!  She took her shower and got ready while we waited on Vanessa to get back from class.

I took the girls to a late dinner.  They wanted Mexican and even though it is not my favorite food, it was what they wanted.  We found a restaurant near a mall that they had not been to.  It was good and the girls really liked it.  After we left we remembered they needed paper for the printer and a few other things so Caley found a Walmart and we ended up in the neighboring town and they have and OUTLET MALL!!  We didn’t know there was one close, but we do now!  I dropped them off at the dorm after our Walmart shopping and I headed off to my Airbnb.  They have something to go to in the morning and I have a webinar to do for an office so we will get together in the afternoon.

I’m so glad I was able to surprise her!!  Will, Nick, Jacob and both Vanessa’s knew I was going and she had no idea!!  I’m looking forward to whatever time I get to spend with her here in Savannah.


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