Work and Play

Went to Waffle House for breakfast to start the day and then had to do a little work so I went by the Keller Williams Savannah office.  I visited with the leadership for a bit and then sat in a conference room to host a webinar for one of the offices in FL.  The training was supposed to be on Friday, but due to the hurricane and the a family issue, they had to reschedule it.  It went well and they asked for some more advanced things so showed them some cool things!  After the webinar I worked on a few more things and then headed off to pick up the girls.  

Caley and Vanessa were ready and we ran to Walmart for a little trip before Vanessa had to be at a meeting.  They were so funny in the video/toy area.  They had Pop’s and the girls picked out some they wanted.  They also needed paper to use their printer.  Quick ride back to downtown Savannah and Vanessa headed to her meeting.  Caley and I parked and walked around downtown.  I wanted to go to the Savannah Bee Co store, it’s like a tradition now.  You can certainly get your walking in around here.  After Vanessa’s meeting we headed back to the car and went to find food.  That didn’t go so well, but we had a few funny moments looking.

I use Waze to get directions when I travel and they had an add pop up that said I could use Madea’s voice to give directions. We switched it and it was hilarious the way she gave directions and told us when we were there!  Caley added it to her story and sent it to friends.  We ended up going back to the dorm and eating at the deli in their dorm.  Here comes the funny part.  I get up to the check-out and the lady asked me if I was going to use a “meal ticket”.   Um no, it was a complement to think I look like a student.  I’m certainly short enough.  We at in the dorm and then Caley agreed to go with me to stay at my friends cottage by the water.  

We drove about an hour to the cottage and were presently surprised at how nice it was.  Jacob was playing a soccer game for his regionals so we hooked up the laptop to my cell phone and found the video streaming live.  It worked good for one of them, but the second game, not so well.  They won both games and he did good.  We can tell which one is Jacob because of his long flowy hair.  Caley tells me that is nick name is “Locks”, but he has “locks” of hair.  So funny!  He has 1 game tomorrow and some more on Sunday.  After that we laid town for sleep.  Caley set her alarm so we would get up and have breakfast.

Savannah Film Featival Weekend!

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