Savannah Saturday

Caley’s alarm went off and neither of us wanted to get up so we laid in bed and cuddled.  I missed holding her and it was so sweet to have her sleep on my shoulder!  We eventually got up and went to have breakfast at a local breakfast place with Steven, who owns the place we are staying in.  He is a friend of mine and a fellow KW agent.  After our breakfast buffet we toured the area a little in the car as Steven told us all about the area and things in history.  This town was founded in 1736, wow!  Oklahoma did not even become a state until 1907!  

After our short tour, we went back to the cottage and then headed back to Savannah.  Caley needed some socks so we thought the Nike outlet mall would be aa good place to get some.  Sure enough, she found what she needed and I took her back to the dorm.  She had plans to go to the beach with her friends to celebrate her birthday.  I went back to the outlet mall to do a little shopping.  I found some great deals on some dress cloths.  Also went looking for some things for Caley’s costume.  She needed a few things from Walmart so I went there too.  Chick-fil-A for dinner and on the road back to the cottage.  Hung around in the cottage most of the evening and watched TV and tried to watch Jacob’s game.  It played for a little bit and then locked up again.  I was also getting updates from my app and Will on the OU game back at home.  They won which was great!

Quick selfie before dropping her off!

All in all, it was not a very exciting day, but I got to see my girl for a bit and that made it worth it!  Looking forward to shopping with Caley a little bit tomorrow.


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