Birthday Girl

Well, I made it to Savannah to see her on her birthday!  I had to get up early and drive to the Keller Williams office in Savannah to teach two classes.  Both went well and then I packed up and headed out the door to see Caley.  She doesn’t get to each Chick-fil-A much so I offered to bring it to her for dinner.  Drive through went pretty fast while she was riding the bus to her dorm.  I arrived just in time to take Vanessa to work the Savannah Film Festival and then we drove around a bit to find a parking place.  The traffic has been really bad with all of the people coming to downtown for the film festival.  We walked to the theater after a quick stop at Blick, a very big art supply store down the street.  Caley needed to take notes during the movie we were headed to see!

The line was down the block and around the corner!  We were waiting to see Trolls, which comes out in a few weeks.  Caley bought me a ticket and because she had already planed to go see it herself before she knew I was coming.  As we stood in line we chatted and visited a bit.  It was pretty amazing to be there for her birthday!  Once we made it in the auditorium we looked for 2 seats and found some right in the middle and about perfect!  The movie Trolls was fabulous!!  It made me laugh a lot and even shed a tear or two.  Caley caught me, the family knows I can cry at commercials so when a movie is sad, they all look at me to see if it got me.  We will defiantly be buying this movie when it comes out!

After the movie we were so blessed to have the Director, Co-Director and Production Designer and the Animation Professor from SCAD doing a Q&A!  It was so cool to hear why things turned out the way the did or what the inspiration was for different things in the movie.  This school is so inspiring.  When I was a kid, I never imagined cool things like this and yet Caley is right in it and experiencing it every day, wow, just wow.  I know she is having a blast at school and enjoying every bit of what she is doing, but I’m so excited for her.  Dreams are coming true and life is unfolding right in front of her.

After the movie and Q&A we walked next door to Leopold’s Ice Cream fro a birthday treat.  Vanessa was done with her volunteer shift so she came with us and they even added a birthday candle on top so I could sing her happy birthday!  It’s hard to believe that 19 years ago today she came into this world and made me a MOM!  I just could not have her away from home for the first time on her birthday and not have some family!  The only thing that would have been better would have been to have Will and Nick there too.  The ice cream was wonderful!

Caley’s Birthday Ice Cream!

I took them back to the dorm and came in to visit for a bit.  She had a pair of pants that needed a button sewn on.  I told her I would fix it and could not leave without taking care of all the “little things” she needed.  I made some tea in her dorm and sat at watched a episode of Game of Thrones.  It was my last night to be there and I will be leaving in the morning so I wanted to soak up all the time I could.  I left about 10:30 because I had to drive an hour to get to where I was staying.  since it was closer to Jacksonville I would not be coming back in the morning.  Birthday Surprise successful!  I have known about this since I took her to college and didn’t post anything and it turned out great!!  Love and miss that girl.  Next time I see her will be for Thanksgiving!


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