Travel Tuesday

After getting up early and staying up late, I opted to sleep in this morning.  I actually woke up before the alarm.  I packed up most everything last night so all I had to do was throw in the rest and get ready.  Once I was ready I hit the road.  I knew I may not have time to eat later so I grabbed a McGriddle from McDonald’s which has become a breakfast favorite.  My son introduced them to me and I’m kind of in love with them!  Not as much mess with crumbs as a biscuit.

And an hour and a half later I arrived at the airport.  I was pushing it since this time I had to check a bag, which I normally do NOT do!  Since I went shopping I had too many things to ship back because I would have to put them in more than one box so I figured it would be cheaper to buy a bag.  Besides, that way I kept the bag, just had to check it.  She told me at the check-in counter that I was less than 45 minutes prior to the departure time so she could not guaranty it would make it.  Eek, that made me nervous so I only checked the “shopping” bag.  I rushed through security (pre-check for sure) and then made it to the gate with 4 minutes to spare.  Not my ideal time.  I don’t like to push it that close, but I made it.  Boarding with A4 was great because it allows me to pick my seat with more choices.  I like to sit toward the front so it is easier to get out and make connections.

Typically I will sit and watch a movie on the plane, but this time I went to plug in my head phones and they would not go all the way in.  I looked in the whole and found a tiny plastic ball had gotten stuck inside.  Yuck!  Not movie.  I tried to get it out without success so plan B, iPhone music.  Landed and quickly made my way to the next gate.  Boarded that plan and it was fine until someone sprayed perfume on the plane!  REALLY?  Ok, I know I’m sensitive about smells, but there are a few things you just don’t do on a plane, spraying any kind of smelly anything is one of them!

Actually I have a list of 5 travel etiquette items and it goes like this:

  1. Take a shower before getting in a confined space of any kind with strangers and deodorant is preferred!
  2. Cover your mouth when coughing, sneezing or anytime germs may leave your body.
  3.  If you are sick, don’t travel, if you do, don’t help me with my bag!! Nice gesture, but a nicer one is not getting me sick!
  4. At no time is it ok to spray any kind of perfume, aerosol, or anything that “you think” smells “good” in a confined space. Some of us are allergic to your stuff and it makes the rest of us miserable! Do NOT spray it on a plane where we can’t excape!
  5. You do you, and I will do me. Politics and religion are not topics for public discussing between strangers.  I’m not meaning be rude, do be polite and help others but remember we are all getting there at the same time, just chill.

That’s just a few things that you would think would be pretty standard, but sometimes people forget

Once I landed I picked up the rental car which I was fully prepared to make sure I had a car after the last trip.  Then I was loaded up and off to the Airbnb.  Sent a few emails and decided to go the the mall which was about a mile away because they had an Apple Store!  I took my iPad in and asked them if they could help me and they did!  So happy they were able to fix it.  By this point I was getting “hangry” (so hungry you start getting angry) so I found a place called the Red Monkey Tavern.  Had some great pasta with shrimp and broccoli.  Back to the Airbnb I went to get ready for tomorrow’s training.

I have been focusing on calling Will more because sometimes I get so involved in working that I don’t call home, which I should.  After we talked for a little bit, he FaceTime called me so we could see each other which was nice!

Tomorrow is going to be crazy with teaching at two different offices in the same day.  Keller Williams Raleigh in the morning and Keller Williams Carry in the afternoon so I should probably get some sleep!


One thought on “Travel Tuesday

  1. My best friend works for the Keller Williams office in Savannah and she loves it. One day soon hopefully I’ll be joining as well… happy travels and be safe! If you have a chance Raleigh has beautiful fall leaves during the fall season. 😉


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