Thankful Blessings

This year Thanksgiving was almost complete with everyone home for the holiday including extended family. Caley made it in just fine and I got to help surprise her by bringing Jacob (boyfriend) to help pick her up at the airport. She was so surprised!  We were able to keep her from finding out and she practically tackled him when she saw him. She spent most of Thursday with Jacob and his family which was fine because we did our big Thanksgiving on Friday. Thursday we went to Will’s family and spent the evening hanging out with them. 

Friday Caley helped me cook and we had quite the spread of food. It was nice to have Will, all 3 of my parents (both dad’s and mom), Jacob, Caley, Nick and his friends all come to hang out and eat. Only one missing was John, which I really hope figures out family loves him.  It is more important to show up than to spend time with some crazy person he doesn’t even like. Still hoping he will learn that lesson, but not holding my breath. We had way too much food and lots of deserts!  Nick actually went shopping a little in the morning which was a first because he is not the shipping type. 

Saturday evening Will and I took Caley and Nick to dinner and the mall. It was nice to have them home and spend some time together. Of course they had friends to hang out with and do things with most of the later evenings. Nick had friends stay the night and went swimming in the hot tub after a few crazy dives in the 48 degree pool. 😳 Caley pulled an all-nighter because she had an early flight at 6:30am Sunday!

I took her to the airport about 5am and strangely enough ran into a friend of mine from the office that was also dropping their kid off at the airport to go back to college. Caley was not excited that she was doubled checked in the security line and they took a few things from her at the checkpoint, including her heat protectant for her hair, a pair of scissors and a tube of paint from her art supplies. All of which came on the plane to get home. 😑 Her day just kept getting better and I don’t mean in a good way. Once she got to Atlanta, we discovered the Greyhound rep gave her the wrong ticket from the wrong location to get to Savannah. After over an hour on the phone, 3 reps and 1 hang-up (on her) we were able to get some things straightened out. Why they have to make things so diffficult, I will never know! She wasn’t going to make it to Savannah and would miss some classes if we didn’t get her there Sunday. 

This mom went into action!  I made a post in the SCAD Parent Relations group on facebook and within a few minutes I started getting responses!  You see all the Greyhound busses were full, Savannah 16 (another bus type transport) would not let us buy a ticket so close to departure time and not having someone to drive her, I didn’t know what else to do. A parent posted the owner’s name and number for Savannah 16 and I immediately called him and boom, she had a ticket! All that while she was still on the phone with Greyhound! They agreed to refund the money which I was surprised after the last fiasco we had with them! I was almost in tears when I talked to Mike at Savannah 16 and so happy to be able to get her home! He definitely saved the day!!! This was a nicer bus than Greyhound for sure and she was very happy to make it back with some other SCAD students as well. Next time she goes in and out of Atlanta, that will be the next leg of transportation! 

She finally made it to her dorm around 9pm or so, but she made it! It is so stressful being so far away from your child and not being able to help. Plan B was also in place to reach out to my Atlanta and Savannah friends to catch a ride. If she was old enough to rent a car, that could have worked too, but she is not 25! Strangely enough I also got a private message from a REALTOR® at the Keller Williams office in Chattanooga, TN (town I was born in) that her son would be passing through and could give her a ride if she needed one. What a small world! I have taught in that office and I messaged her back thanking her for the offer but we got it covered! I was going to find a way to get her home. That’s what mom’s do, we take care of our kids no matter how far away they might be. 

I’m thankful Caley was able to come home for a bit and looking forward to her winter break. She is coming back home on Friday after her finals. This time she will be going through Jacksonville, FL which is a shorter distance than Atlanta. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with her over the break. Sure have missed my girl!

Caley and Jacob home for Thanksgiving

Stressed to Change

No matter how old I get it seems that some things never change in life.  There will always be things in life that cause you stress, change your perspective and force you to change.  I’m a pretty optimistic person, always have been, but this week certainly tested that!  Without going through everything, let’s just say that being self-employeed has a unique set of challenges.  Had two trips this week.  Sunday I went to Beaumont, TX and only stayed for a night and came back the next day after teaching for a day.  I was home for a few days and wasn’t sure until the day I left that I was going to make the second trip.

While I was home a friend came into town.  She is a fellow trainer and someone that I really look up to and am happy to call her a friend.  We met years ago and I have been a student of hers.  When I first started traveling to train, she opened her home to me on a trip where I came to her area to teach in her office.  I was extremely nervous to teach with her in the room.  It’s always a bit intimidating to do something with a mentor watching you.  It went good and she also offered some great tips on teaching and our relationship grew.  She does not come to Tulsa often, but when she does I always like to connect with her if I can.  Dinner was nice, we went to PF Chang’s and talked for hours!  She is also a coach and with my current stress levels this week, she really helped me through that and made me really think long and hard about what I’m doing.  I really like training and have been told by many that I have a gift as a teacher.  One of the realities that I have to push myself on is getting paid what I’m worth.  That sounds strange, but when you are self-employed we have to really push and market ourselves no matter the business.

I train mostly on a single product, but that does not mean that is all I can teach.  I have experience in many areas of real estate and my specialty is teaching technology of all types.  Students have said that I break it down in easy to understand concepts that make since, but yet still help the student learn the technology.  

How can you achieve your goals and grow a business if you don’t expand your thinking.  In Keller Williams, they teach many different things and I’m blessed to be with a company that offers so much training.  One of the classes that I have attended over the years and my friend also teaches is BOLD.  In BOLD they talk about creating a life by design and reaching for what you want to achieve, no matter what that is.  If you can’t imagine yourself making a certain amount or doing a certain thing, then you won’t ever achieve it.  You are limited by your imagination.  I can imagine pretty big, but for some reason I have not been thinking BIG lately so it’s time to THINK BIG!

Why should I let other’s dictate my limits?  The answer is I shouldn’t!  I track a lot of what I do down to the number of days I travel, train and are home to how much I spend in expenses for each trip.  I have not been that good at tracking things in years past and I have to say, I am very happy that I started focusing on that.  (Another BOLD Law: What you focus on expands)  Tracking what I’m doing and where I’m spending my time helps me determine where I need to improve and what needs to change and what areas need more attention.

I took some risks this week and luckily everything worked out, but the main thing I learned is that if you don’t ask, you won’t get!  I asked for help (needed transportation and a place to stay) for a trip and a few friends really came through for me, which made me very happy.  If I had not asked and just given up, I may have lost out of the opportunity that was at hand and may not have strengthened the relationships I have.  That being said, getting on a plane and going on a trip with no ticket or way home, is extremely stressful!  However, as I sit on the plane right now writing this on my free Wifi on Southwest because of hitting my A-List Preferred status, it really was worth it and I’m happy with the end result.  This experience has certainly pushed me toward a more focused goal.  This is a good thing!

I have not been the only one this week with some stress.  Caley has been a little stressed as well.  Although I don’t know all the details, and I may not be physically close to her, but I do pay attention to her social media and talk to her a lot.  It’s not stalking, I’m her mom and I want to make sure she is doing well.  She isn’t the only one.  I check on all my “kids” (not just my two).  I can’t help being the “mom”, just because they move away and go to college doesn’t mean my job stops!  I saw a post that made me thing she needed her mom.  We chatted for a bit and I didn’t pry to much, but I certainly wanted to make sure she was ok.  The count down has begun!  Caley comes home in less than 2 weeks.  I’ve been checking to see what everyone wants for Thanksgiving because I want this year to be special with all their favorites.  My kids are growing up and some day will be moving away, not just for college, and I am not quite ready for that.  

About to land from flight #1 of 2 to make it home tonight.  Looking forward to some time home and tomorrow Will and I are going out to dinner and a movie with my mom and dad with Nick and friend.  Monday was dad’s birthday!  I’m through a very stressful week and going to have a GREAT weekend!!  I’m thinking the hot tub and a glass of wine is calling my name at home!!

A Few Steps Back to Move Forward

So I took a little break from writing in this blog, not really planed just didn’t write for a several days.  So over the past few days I taught in Raleigh, Cary and New Bern, NC.  That was fun but really tiring trip!  If I have time I may go back and make a post.  I then spent a nice weekend at home, by nice I don’t mean relaxing, unless you call laundry, cooking, cleaning and vacuuming the pool relaxing. The last one of those actually is relaxing for Will and I. Not sure what it is about cleaning the pool, but it is very peaceful!

So here is my aha lately.  First after a month of writing every day I realized I don’t have to write every day so why add that undue pressure?  Bare minimum weekly and sometimes more is good.  After all I’m past the first 30 days without my baby girl and I got to see her and wish her Happy 19th Birthday!!  The second thing I learned was that I actually like writing.  Maybe that explains why I have 4 blogs, granted I don’t write in them everyday or even ever month.

Here is the run down: Carolyndt, my oldest one and the one I write in the least but should write more in.  It is mostly about real estate for clients, iCarolynt, the one that gets to most traffic because I use this in my classes I teach all the time.  It’s about technology and mostly Dotloop, which is the program that I train on a lot.  SanditeSeniorCelebration is one I created last year to help keep up to date with an organization I volunteer for at the high school where my son goes to.  Every year we raise money to fund an event the night of graduation to provide a safe place for our graduates to go and have fun and win some prizes.  I helped with this last year and this year I’m a senior mom again so technically last year I agreed to help for 2 years, so here I go!  CollegeMomThoughts which is this one and my newest one about personal things mostly pertaining to my daughter going off to college and next year will be my son.  I have one  other, but it is more like website than a blog even though it is a WordPress site, TechPertise, my business website.

This week I’m in North Dakota.  If you have never been here, just know there are not a lot of people and it’s mostly flat or at least the parts I have seen are.  I was told by my Airbnb hosts that they only have about 600,000 people in the entire state.  WOW, that is a little over half of the Tulsa Metro population and that is just 1 city in Oklahoma.  This probably explains why the airport only has 4 terminals (gates where a only 4 plans fit).  Also makes since why my favorite airline does not fly here, not enough volume for big planes.  My trip so far has been nice (excluding the 2.5 hours each way between cities).  The people are friendly and personable.  Haven’t really had a lot of people in a hurry to do much so things tend to move at a slower pace and if that is what you are looking for, this could be the place for you.  I’m not so much a fan of the cold, but I’m a warm weather girl.

I’m teaching most of the day tomorrow and then back to the airport, return the rental car and board the plane home!  I’m going to make it home for a few days during the week, which has not been the norm lately.  I’m very ready to spend a few more than 2 days home for a while.  I better get some sleep so I can function tomorrow!

North Dakota road trip view, flat!