A Few Steps Back to Move Forward

So I took a little break from writing in this blog, not really planed just didn’t write for a several days.  So over the past few days I taught in Raleigh, Cary and New Bern, NC.  That was fun but really tiring trip!  If I have time I may go back and make a post.  I then spent a nice weekend at home, by nice I don’t mean relaxing, unless you call laundry, cooking, cleaning and vacuuming the pool relaxing. The last one of those actually is relaxing for Will and I. Not sure what it is about cleaning the pool, but it is very peaceful!

So here is my aha lately.  First after a month of writing every day I realized I don’t have to write every day so why add that undue pressure?  Bare minimum weekly and sometimes more is good.  After all I’m past the first 30 days without my baby girl and I got to see her and wish her Happy 19th Birthday!!  The second thing I learned was that I actually like writing.  Maybe that explains why I have 4 blogs, granted I don’t write in them everyday or even ever month.

Here is the run down: Carolyndt, my oldest one and the one I write in the least but should write more in.  It is mostly about real estate for clients, iCarolynt, the one that gets to most traffic because I use this in my classes I teach all the time.  It’s about technology and mostly Dotloop, which is the program that I train on a lot.  SanditeSeniorCelebration is one I created last year to help keep up to date with an organization I volunteer for at the high school where my son goes to.  Every year we raise money to fund an event the night of graduation to provide a safe place for our graduates to go and have fun and win some prizes.  I helped with this last year and this year I’m a senior mom again so technically last year I agreed to help for 2 years, so here I go!  CollegeMomThoughts which is this one and my newest one about personal things mostly pertaining to my daughter going off to college and next year will be my son.  I have one  other, but it is more like website than a blog even though it is a WordPress site, TechPertise, my business website.

This week I’m in North Dakota.  If you have never been here, just know there are not a lot of people and it’s mostly flat or at least the parts I have seen are.  I was told by my Airbnb hosts that they only have about 600,000 people in the entire state.  WOW, that is a little over half of the Tulsa Metro population and that is just 1 city in Oklahoma.  This probably explains why the airport only has 4 terminals (gates where a only 4 plans fit).  Also makes since why my favorite airline does not fly here, not enough volume for big planes.  My trip so far has been nice (excluding the 2.5 hours each way between cities).  The people are friendly and personable.  Haven’t really had a lot of people in a hurry to do much so things tend to move at a slower pace and if that is what you are looking for, this could be the place for you.  I’m not so much a fan of the cold, but I’m a warm weather girl.

I’m teaching most of the day tomorrow and then back to the airport, return the rental car and board the plane home!  I’m going to make it home for a few days during the week, which has not been the norm lately.  I’m very ready to spend a few more than 2 days home for a while.  I better get some sleep so I can function tomorrow!

North Dakota road trip view, flat!

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