Stressed to Change

No matter how old I get it seems that some things never change in life.  There will always be things in life that cause you stress, change your perspective and force you to change.  I’m a pretty optimistic person, always have been, but this week certainly tested that!  Without going through everything, let’s just say that being self-employeed has a unique set of challenges.  Had two trips this week.  Sunday I went to Beaumont, TX and only stayed for a night and came back the next day after teaching for a day.  I was home for a few days and wasn’t sure until the day I left that I was going to make the second trip.

While I was home a friend came into town.  She is a fellow trainer and someone that I really look up to and am happy to call her a friend.  We met years ago and I have been a student of hers.  When I first started traveling to train, she opened her home to me on a trip where I came to her area to teach in her office.  I was extremely nervous to teach with her in the room.  It’s always a bit intimidating to do something with a mentor watching you.  It went good and she also offered some great tips on teaching and our relationship grew.  She does not come to Tulsa often, but when she does I always like to connect with her if I can.  Dinner was nice, we went to PF Chang’s and talked for hours!  She is also a coach and with my current stress levels this week, she really helped me through that and made me really think long and hard about what I’m doing.  I really like training and have been told by many that I have a gift as a teacher.  One of the realities that I have to push myself on is getting paid what I’m worth.  That sounds strange, but when you are self-employed we have to really push and market ourselves no matter the business.

I train mostly on a single product, but that does not mean that is all I can teach.  I have experience in many areas of real estate and my specialty is teaching technology of all types.  Students have said that I break it down in easy to understand concepts that make since, but yet still help the student learn the technology.  

How can you achieve your goals and grow a business if you don’t expand your thinking.  In Keller Williams, they teach many different things and I’m blessed to be with a company that offers so much training.  One of the classes that I have attended over the years and my friend also teaches is BOLD.  In BOLD they talk about creating a life by design and reaching for what you want to achieve, no matter what that is.  If you can’t imagine yourself making a certain amount or doing a certain thing, then you won’t ever achieve it.  You are limited by your imagination.  I can imagine pretty big, but for some reason I have not been thinking BIG lately so it’s time to THINK BIG!

Why should I let other’s dictate my limits?  The answer is I shouldn’t!  I track a lot of what I do down to the number of days I travel, train and are home to how much I spend in expenses for each trip.  I have not been that good at tracking things in years past and I have to say, I am very happy that I started focusing on that.  (Another BOLD Law: What you focus on expands)  Tracking what I’m doing and where I’m spending my time helps me determine where I need to improve and what needs to change and what areas need more attention.

I took some risks this week and luckily everything worked out, but the main thing I learned is that if you don’t ask, you won’t get!  I asked for help (needed transportation and a place to stay) for a trip and a few friends really came through for me, which made me very happy.  If I had not asked and just given up, I may have lost out of the opportunity that was at hand and may not have strengthened the relationships I have.  That being said, getting on a plane and going on a trip with no ticket or way home, is extremely stressful!  However, as I sit on the plane right now writing this on my free Wifi on Southwest because of hitting my A-List Preferred status, it really was worth it and I’m happy with the end result.  This experience has certainly pushed me toward a more focused goal.  This is a good thing!

I have not been the only one this week with some stress.  Caley has been a little stressed as well.  Although I don’t know all the details, and I may not be physically close to her, but I do pay attention to her social media and talk to her a lot.  It’s not stalking, I’m her mom and I want to make sure she is doing well.  She isn’t the only one.  I check on all my “kids” (not just my two).  I can’t help being the “mom”, just because they move away and go to college doesn’t mean my job stops!  I saw a post that made me thing she needed her mom.  We chatted for a bit and I didn’t pry to much, but I certainly wanted to make sure she was ok.  The count down has begun!  Caley comes home in less than 2 weeks.  I’ve been checking to see what everyone wants for Thanksgiving because I want this year to be special with all their favorites.  My kids are growing up and some day will be moving away, not just for college, and I am not quite ready for that.  

About to land from flight #1 of 2 to make it home tonight.  Looking forward to some time home and tomorrow Will and I are going out to dinner and a movie with my mom and dad with Nick and friend.  Monday was dad’s birthday!  I’m through a very stressful week and going to have a GREAT weekend!!  I’m thinking the hot tub and a glass of wine is calling my name at home!!


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