Letting Go

It seems that letting go is the hardest part for me as a parent. I mean after all for the last 17-19 years of their lives I have been responsible for the health, well being, protection and their champion. You can’t just turn that off! It won’t matter if they are 60, they will still be my babies and I will still want to protect and take care of them, it’s just what parents do. 

Now I get that one is officially an adult and able to make her own decisions and the other one will be there in less than 6 months. That does not mean that if I think they are doing something stupid, I won’t tell them so! Love you, but you get the good and the blunt mom sometimes! 

No matter what they do or don’t do that I agree or disagree with, they will always be the twinkle in my eyes and a mothers love will outlast everything else! 

An update on Caley, she is still enjoying SCAD, not excited about the new roommate they got this trimester, but they are working through it. Nick has been accepted to OSU and we are still waiting to find out about OU. Pretty sure OU will be his first choice. No matter what he does, we will be proud of him. Jacob recently got to go to the X-Games in Aspen, which looked cool from the pictures and videos he sent. He still talks to me, and I claim him as my other son! Haven’t talked to Ness in a while, but I will check in and see how she is doing. 

Our family chat has been really funny lately. At one point, Will and Nick were in OK, I was in OH, Caley in GA and Jacob in CO all talking about cars and other silly things.  I even messed with them a bit by sending a photo on the group chat of the Oxygen masks down in the row behind me on the plane. 😳 No worries, the lid just wouldn’t stay shut.  Technology really makes us feel closer and keeps us communicating, which helps me miss them a little less. 


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