Tick Tock

IMG_0969.jpgSomething about being a mom gives you an internal clock.  I’m not talking about the kind that means you are done being able to be a mom, but the kind that tells you when it’s been too long since you have seen your baby(s).  It’s been 2 months since I saw my girl and I’m missing her terribly.  Even if I wasn’t missing her, my “honey sign” says it’s time to go see her again also.  Now what I’m talking about is that I make tea at home a lot and especially when I’m thinking of my girl I add my Savannah Bee Company Honey and when the jar is empty and runs out, that means it’s time to go visit!!  Needless to say….my honey jar is empty.  I do keep a spare, but that is beside the point!  The “Whipped Honey” is one of my favorites!
While I’ve been working and traveling, she has been studying and doing her art projects at SCAD.  She has also decided to change her major to Industrial Design which will allow her to have a more normal family life when she goes into the work force and since I would like to be a grandma someday (not now) that sounds good to me!  This week I have made it to the state right below her and so I just could not resist staying a few days to go see her.  Today was crazy and it seems that technology just went NUTS today.  Amazon had some issues on there servers which caused issues on other sites, including the site that I train on.  Talk about difficult, training 40 people for 3 hours on a website that I can barely access was not easy!  Then to top things off, after dinner my iPhone went crazy and decided it could not hold my iCloud password so I had to fix that.  So technology was not going my way today.

I did get one thing going right today, Caley’s website.  I created a Square website for her to sell her art, which I’m excited for her to do.  Just showing her artwork to people I know, I already sold 4 prints!  Now she can really get some business and be able to make a little money while going to school.  Plus it is a good place to go and view her artwork.  By the end of the day, not so bad and I really hope tomorrow is not as crazy as today or this is going to be rough!!  Especially since I have to teach at least 6 hours and then I will be driving 6 hours to make it to Savannah.  It will be worth it just to give her a hug!

Feel free to check out her website: CaleyDeann.com and if you want one of the artwork pieces, go ahead and by one. 🙂