Year End Memories

It’s been a little bit since I posted.  I thought about several things and it’s time to let them out.  We had a nice visit.  Caley was home for a month and we just enjoyed the time together.  Nice quiet Christmas with family.  I sold a house over the break and didn’t do any traveling in December which were both good.  It was so nice to have Caley and Jacob home.  We spent several days just hanging out and of course squeezed in a few binge watching of shows.  Hearing the two of them laughing was a joy and one of the things I miss a lot when they are going.  Maybe I should record them when they are home next time.  That way I can hear them giggle and laugh anytime. 🙂

One morning Jacob came over and we went to one of our favorite breakfast places, First Watch.  Caley, Jacob, Will and I enjoyed a breakfast just talking and then ran some errands.      Caley even took a photo with me and edited in SnapChat for a fun memory.  It’s the simple things in life that get saved in the memory to give you a smile when you think about them.

caley-and-mom-12-2016She got an email that she will have a 2nd roommate, which they were not real thrilled about, but they will make it work.  Learning to live with 1 person is hard enough and now they have to add another one in the mix.

The night before she left was really tough.  It was her last time to see Jacob and it is hard to know that you won’t see the love of your life for over about 10 weeks!  We had some personal conversations and some nice mother/daughter moments.  It breaks my heart to think about her missing us so much.  We stayed up late packing and using one of my travel tips to get everything packed.  I pulled out Travel Space Bags and we packed them to the top and shoved as much stuff in bags as we could.  The early morning flight was nice to have Ness (Vanessa) come with us to the airport.  Thankfully Caley fly’s with Southwest most of the time and her bags fly free!  She had to move a few things around in the bags, to make the weight limits, but Ness helped her and it went fine.  She made is safe and sound  to Atlanta and had to hang out for a bit until Savannah16 picked her up to take her the rest of the way to SCAD.

After Caley left, Jacob still came to visit us one day before he left for Colorado.  It was fun to have him here and he fits in so well with our family!  I’m pretty confident that he will be around for a long time after all, we already claim him as one of our own!  Saved a package of Jacob’s favorite Oreo cookies and sent it with him.  Nick and Will put together Nick’s new computer and that took longer than either of them thought it would, but was good father/son time.

I sent her a package on the first week she left.  She needed a hot glue gun and her watch she left at home, so I shipped them her way.  She has finished her first week back and only 9 more to go.  I miss her hugs the most!  I will be happy to find a reason to go visit!

It’s a new year and new opportunities are just around the corner.  Caley is enjoying her new classes and looking forward to her 3D art class.  I can’t wait to see what she creates!!


Lesson Learned

Some lessons cost money, some cost time, some cause stress and some can effect more than one area of your life.  For some reason early this morning our cat, Dinozo, kept waking me up so at 6:30am CST, I got up and called Caley.  She was supposed to get on a bus at 6:30am EST to make it to Jacksonville, FL in order to fly home to Tulsa, OK.  When I spoke to her last night she told me that the plan was to stay up all night long so she would not miss the bus, that didn’t happen.  She was in or dorm and my phone call woke her up so then we had to work on options plan A, B and C.  Will started checking the bus ticket and the plane ticket times.

The original plan was for her to take a Greyhound bus to Jacksonville, FL where she was scheduled to leave on the plane 11:30am.  Since she missed the bus and now she was 2 hours away from the airport by car and the only flight out from Jacksonville to Tulsa was that morning flight.  Option A -Find someone to take her to Jacksonville this morning (car – find someone, Uber – $300-$400, bus – booked or not in time); Option B – Get her to Jacksonville, move the flight to tomorrow and she will need to stay in an Airbnb for a night.  Will cost money; Option C – Get her to Atlanta and she could take a later flight today.  Will cost more money.  Any way we look at this, money seems to be involved.

So at 6:30am I start messaging friends, posting on Facebook groups and trying to figure out how to get Caley to Jacksonville and I only had 1 hour to do it in.  Talk about stress, I was 15 hours by car away and could do nothing physically so I worked my contacts.  Caley posted on her group pages, snap chatted friends and anything she could think of to find a ride while I was working on things as well.  I found a SCAD parent that could give her a ride to Jacksonville, but she would not make it before the flight, so that became Option B.  I went through my contacts and texted people that I know in Savannah.  Since I have been there several times and work with a Keller Williams Office there, I reached out to some people I met.  I also posted in the office website and on the SCAD parent page.  Just when time was about to run out someone came through for us!

Sleepy Caley
Joe Dyer, a REALTOR® friend that I met at the KW office, who now owns his own brokerage company called Service Fist Real Estate Associates.  I had asked if he knew someone that could take her and he offered to take her himself!!  I was so excited we were about to go with the Option A!!  If you need any real estate help in Savannah, GA, please call Joe!  He headed over to her dorm, picked her up and they were on their way.  I also made sure she bought his gas and their breakfast.  He sent me a picture of her asleep in the car, obviously she didn’t get enough sleep trying to stay up all night.

Since we got that crisis taken care of, Will and I went back to sleep for a few hours.  We woke up just in time to make sure she made it through security and on the plane.  They arrived at the Jacksonville airport at about 11am and she had to get through security and book it to the gate!  The plane was running a little behind and that was good in this case.  She had plenty of time between flights with a 3 hour layover.  The second flight didn’t leave until 4:20pm CST from Houston.

I had a few errands around town to take care of for Senior Celebration and other things before it was time to get Caley.  She didn’t eat much on her trip but she did manage to go to Starbucks and so Will and I took her to PF Chang’s to dinner when she arrived in Tulsa.  It was nice to sit and visit and we all put our phones down and just enjoyed each others’ conversation!

Of course when we picked up Caley at the airport dad wanted to make sure she understood what missing her bus meant.  Things could have been a lot worse and it could have cost us quite a bit of time and money.  She was already feeling bad and if Joe had not been able to take her to where she needed to go last minute it could have been bad.  I’m very happy to report that Caley made it home safe and sound and we are looking forward to spending her winter break with her.  Thank you, thank you, thank you JOE!!

Thankful Blessings

This year Thanksgiving was almost complete with everyone home for the holiday including extended family. Caley made it in just fine and I got to help surprise her by bringing Jacob (boyfriend) to help pick her up at the airport. She was so surprised!  We were able to keep her from finding out and she practically tackled him when she saw him. She spent most of Thursday with Jacob and his family which was fine because we did our big Thanksgiving on Friday. Thursday we went to Will’s family and spent the evening hanging out with them. 

Friday Caley helped me cook and we had quite the spread of food. It was nice to have Will, all 3 of my parents (both dad’s and mom), Jacob, Caley, Nick and his friends all come to hang out and eat. Only one missing was John, which I really hope figures out family loves him.  It is more important to show up than to spend time with some crazy person he doesn’t even like. Still hoping he will learn that lesson, but not holding my breath. We had way too much food and lots of deserts!  Nick actually went shopping a little in the morning which was a first because he is not the shipping type. 

Saturday evening Will and I took Caley and Nick to dinner and the mall. It was nice to have them home and spend some time together. Of course they had friends to hang out with and do things with most of the later evenings. Nick had friends stay the night and went swimming in the hot tub after a few crazy dives in the 48 degree pool. 😳 Caley pulled an all-nighter because she had an early flight at 6:30am Sunday!

I took her to the airport about 5am and strangely enough ran into a friend of mine from the office that was also dropping their kid off at the airport to go back to college. Caley was not excited that she was doubled checked in the security line and they took a few things from her at the checkpoint, including her heat protectant for her hair, a pair of scissors and a tube of paint from her art supplies. All of which came on the plane to get home. 😑 Her day just kept getting better and I don’t mean in a good way. Once she got to Atlanta, we discovered the Greyhound rep gave her the wrong ticket from the wrong location to get to Savannah. After over an hour on the phone, 3 reps and 1 hang-up (on her) we were able to get some things straightened out. Why they have to make things so diffficult, I will never know! She wasn’t going to make it to Savannah and would miss some classes if we didn’t get her there Sunday. 

This mom went into action!  I made a post in the SCAD Parent Relations group on facebook and within a few minutes I started getting responses!  You see all the Greyhound busses were full, Savannah 16 (another bus type transport) would not let us buy a ticket so close to departure time and not having someone to drive her, I didn’t know what else to do. A parent posted the owner’s name and number for Savannah 16 and I immediately called him and boom, she had a ticket! All that while she was still on the phone with Greyhound! They agreed to refund the money which I was surprised after the last fiasco we had with them! I was almost in tears when I talked to Mike at Savannah 16 and so happy to be able to get her home! He definitely saved the day!!! This was a nicer bus than Greyhound for sure and she was very happy to make it back with some other SCAD students as well. Next time she goes in and out of Atlanta, that will be the next leg of transportation! 

She finally made it to her dorm around 9pm or so, but she made it! It is so stressful being so far away from your child and not being able to help. Plan B was also in place to reach out to my Atlanta and Savannah friends to catch a ride. If she was old enough to rent a car, that could have worked too, but she is not 25! Strangely enough I also got a private message from a REALTOR® at the Keller Williams office in Chattanooga, TN (town I was born in) that her son would be passing through and could give her a ride if she needed one. What a small world! I have taught in that office and I messaged her back thanking her for the offer but we got it covered! I was going to find a way to get her home. That’s what mom’s do, we take care of our kids no matter how far away they might be. 

I’m thankful Caley was able to come home for a bit and looking forward to her winter break. She is coming back home on Friday after her finals. This time she will be going through Jacksonville, FL which is a shorter distance than Atlanta. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with her over the break. Sure have missed my girl!

Caley and Jacob home for Thanksgiving